Monday, 30 April 2012

Bargains Galore

I decided to go down to Sainsbury's very late on Saturday night, about 9.40 pm, don't know what got into me really, they shut at 10.00 pm, and all the bargains have usually gone by then.  However, I managed to bag one or two real crackers !

Two packs of Roast Beef, horseradish and chedder with lettuce sandwiches for only 20p per pack reduced from £2.80!  not for me, but my brother and my nephew were coming to visit on Sunday so I got them for a snack.

Two giant sized sausauge rolls for only 10p each,down from 65p each, again for the visitors

A packet of ready chopped swede for a slow-cooker stew for only 10p

       A bag of six 'posh' bread rolls, the kind with seeds, nuts etc., for 15p - I couldn't make them for that.

                                                     So my late night shop paid off very well.


  1. Yes Sainsburys can be quite good for offers - last thing - which store do you go to - are you still local and shop at Meole Brace - Jane

  2. I went to Bridgnorth branch.
    I've also tried Tesco and Asda for bargains, and still do if I'm close by, but have to say it's like a scrum to get to the products ! I've just stood there sometimes and watched, I need very much to watch the pennies but not so much that I will embarress myself.
    I hope you are keeping well



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