Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Since receiving my 'shocker' of a utility bill, I realise I cannot have twice weekly baking sessions (sigh)
so if I want something 'sweet' I will buy it when at a greatly reduced price.  I know there may be 'nasties' lurking in there somewhere, but I hope my otherwise healthy way of eating will cancel out the odd additive.

I have here a lemon tart  - 25p and cheesecake - 35p - loverly jubberly !  it will work out at 4p per slice !  now I couldn't get the ingredients and pay for the electricity to cook these for that price.  Sometimes we have to weigh up the pros and cons of being frugal !


  1. Yes, sometimes sales are better than homemade in terms of pricing. I have often thought about making home made laundry detergent but then I find a coupon and get a whole bottle for 10 cents (Canadian) after coupon and think, why would I. Home made still tastes better though when talking of baking.

  2. Hi CC,
    Yes you're right. It's a matter if getting the best savings either home made or buying. i.e. I did a post recently on 'frugal laundry' and I've found some products which mean my laundry works out at approx 10p per wash load or less ! There's no way I could better that by trying to make it myself.

  3. I agree about the sweet treats. The only time I have them is when they are reduced and dead cheap. I don't bother to bake anything, cakes or biscuits etc, because it would cost a lot more than the bargains I pay pennies for. And if I can't find my sweet fixes drastically reduced, then I don't have any at all.

    If you search out the best prices for everything there is no point in making, except if it gives you the satisfaction of knowing you made it, then it's a hobby.

  4. Just enlarged your picture. That's some great bargains you found there. Lucky you.

  5. Hi MQ, you reminded me I forgot to put the prices in - I've done it now, thanks for visiting.



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