Thursday, 12 April 2012


It seems like the tummy bug has gone now - thank goodness, thank you for your concern

I've already written this post once and inserted pictures but forgot to save it !  duh .........

also, the post title colour seems to have a mind of its own, I can't change it at all on this post anyway, apparantly Blogger have removed the option to change post title colours,  (so I've been told) so hey ho, it will have to stay black, because I've spent far too long on trying to change it and I'm getting really fed up now !  I've probably tried to be too clever too soon !

so I threw my teddy out of the pram ........

went off and had a sulk, and am now trying again ......

So do you like car boot sales ?  I love em.  I look forward to going to at least two each weekend - sad eh ?

I'm lucky because there is one only a mile away from where I now live which is on every Sunday all through the year because it is on hard standing.  Only bad weather stops it.

Anyway Easter Weekends boot sales were rained off, so I thought I'd show you some of my bargains from the past couple of weeks.

A lovely silver plated bowl before cleaning, it would make a 'posh' fruit bowl, I'll have to get some 'posh' fruit to go in it though.  A bargain at only 50p.

A pretty little porcelain vase - only 20p.

Vintage bead necklace in case - £1.00.  Could come in handy for crafting.

A vintage original BUSH portable radio, and it works !  the batteries are huge and expensive, but I had a couple around here anyway, and it's not going to be used all that much actually, more for decoration.
Cost £3.00

Lovely 30's crinolin lady dish, the tops half is the lid, very pretty - cost 50p.

A lovely wavy edged glass dish on an oak stand.  Circa 1940's.  I like this,  cost - £1.50

So that's enough for now I think.  It would be easy to have a house full of 'stuff' collecting like this, but I keep them for a while to enjoy them, then sell them on ebay, hopefully get my money back to start again.
It's just a hobby, and I love being surrounded by lovely vintage things.

Well the kettle is calling so better go,
Take care peeps ............

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  1. I love car boot sales and you seem to have a good eye as you have some lovely items there. We have a car boot on Sunday mornings but it starts at 6am and by the time I can get there all the best bits have gone. x x



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