Saturday, 28 April 2012

Cheesecake and Dishes

             I couldn't resist these - a pack of  'posh' cheesecakes reduced to 40p  from £3.59.

I would never pay that much, but obviously some people must.

Then after you've scoffed the cheesecake you end up with two glass ramekin dishes.
That's what I call a  bargain !


  1. I had some of those once. I am amazed that people are prepared to pay such an extortionate price for so little. Some folks must be truly bonkers. For 40p you got a bargain.

  2. lucky you, i go to the supermarket late in the evening but came away with nothing, mustve been the wrong time. some people have too much money!

  3. I've managed to get quite a few of those over the course of time from relatives. They get recycled with stewed fruit (from windfalls, donations, etc) and crumble topping and go quite nicely in the freezer for whenever we want a cheap pud and the oven in on for a roast. They tuck in at the side quite nicely!

    Love the blog :)

    KB xx

  4. Hello and welcome Kitchenbunny (what a great name!)
    yes, they are very useful little dishes and quite expensive to buy.
    I like them because you can save/serve a good sized single portion in them, I find if food is served in a large dish it's only too easy to spoon out too large a portion - not good for the waistline.
    Thank you for your kind words.
    Come back soon ........



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