Monday, 9 April 2012



What a lovely rainy day - even if it is Bank Holiday Monday.
This rain is freshening everything up, encouraging new growth and I don't have to go out and water everything !  it all feels so clean.
Look at this ..........

12 bags of chicken manure  that I got from Freecycle recently - whoo hoo, feels like I won the lottery.  
Some has gone on my compost heap, some has been dug into the raised beds, and some into large pots.

Here are my (small) raised beds,  they serve the purpose, it's amazing how much produce can be grown in small spaces.  The fleece is covering baby plants, the raspberries are coming up in the background together with the gooseberries.  The fleece is left on the kale most of the year because the sparrows love to eat it.

Here is a bed of curly kale which I planted last year and hasn't stopped producing.  Now it's had a little frost on it, the flavour is much improved - lovely stuff !  as long as it keeps producing, it will stay where it is.

Another couple of beds on the other side of the garden, one with fleece covering with lettuce seedlings under it, the other one has new spinach/kale and chard coming up.  It's covered with an unwanted conservatory 'light' which was due to be thrown out until I begged it and brought it home, I got two, you can see the other one leaning up against the fence.  They are great, because if it is not too warm I just 'open the window' for ventilation.  Also on this side are my blackberry plants which I am training along the fence.  You can just see a corner of another bed which looks empty, but is, in fact full of potatos, waiting to be dug up.

Here are some salad crops growing in pots, lambs lettuce (land cress) rocket, and some winter radishes, you can eat the leaves of those as well in a salad.

OK - that's the tour of my mini garden over - there is another area at the side of the house which is home to all things potted because it stands on slabs and tarmac, but I'll save that for another time.

Take care peeps ............


  1. All looks very organised. It's amazing what you can do in a small space.

  2. I love your blog and you are getting very organised. I look forward to catching the next instalment

    S x xx



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