Thursday, 19 April 2012

Energy Bill


Oh dear, it's arrived - the combined gas/electricity bill !  Actually it arrived yesterday but I had to lie down in a darkened room before I could get my head around it.

I can't believe the amount.  £620.00 !!  I know it's gone up, but even taking that into consideration it's  another 'killer' bill.  This time last year was even worse - £890.00  !!  unbelievable eh ?

My usage falls into the 'exteme' frugal catagory, so where are they getting these amounts from ?  I'm sure I must be paying for the street lights outside.  I don't know what else I can do to cut down.  All lights are switched off except the room I'm in.  TV is hardly ever on.  I had two fridges and two freezers, I've emptied and shut down one fridge and one freezer.  I only use the washing machine twice a week on a short cycle and cool wash temperature.  I don't have a tumble drier and would never use one anyway.  I go to bed early to keep warm.  I actually use candles as a 'fireplace' to give me some heat.........  I even make the candles.

I fill flasks with boiling water in the day so I don't have to boil the kettle, and take a flask up to bed with me at night for the same reason.  There's many more things I do, but all to no avail .....
OK - the bill is down compared to this time last year, but it's still a lot.
I'm trying to build up Ebay and  Etsy  for a little extra cash, but these are only tiny amounts. 

So have you had your bill yet ?  is it horrendous - how do you cope ?  I have sympathy for you people with a family to keep warm, you can't really cut down too much can you ?

I'm convinced it's something to do with the heating/boiler systems in this house, it doesn't work properly, nothing functions as it should, I 'know' the landlord should fix things, (I've been a 'buy to let' landlord in a previous life and everything was done to the book!) but he flatly refuses - I wrote a little about my landlord in the 'pelmets' post, if I kick up a stink, I'm out on my ear, and having been there and experienced that - I've no desire to repeat the procedure !
oh well, onwards and upwards,

take care peeps ..........


  1. Love the pic with the cats and the candles. Could you get the utility people to check that the meter is okay? If that is for a quarter it is more than I pay with central heating on twice per day, fires on, lots of washing, four people, landing light on all night etc. Also, switch off central heating, just use for water and use inexpensive halogen heaters from ebay/argos etc. Will the landlord let you fix things yourself (get permission in writing)? Sending massive hugs, it is a huge shock! WS xxx

  2. Yes, that's just for 3 months exactly.
    When the heating engineer came around to do the 12 month check, he said the boiler wasn't functioning properly and should be replaced immediately as he couldn't issue a safety certificate for it - the landlord just said 'no' he couldn't afford it. So as far as I know there isn't a landlords safety certificate on this place.
    Last year the 'living flame' gas fire (which I don't use anyway because they are so expensive to run) started leaking gas, it was getting on for midnight so I had to call out the emergency gas people, they immediately disconnected it, said it was dangerous and shouldn't be used, even put that red and white tape all across it, it looked lovely in the living room (that's the fire in the picture above) the landlord was informed and again he said he couldn't afford it - so tough **** in other words.
    I paid to get it replaced and fitted and stopped the money out of the monthly rent, and it was hell with him, he kept phoning up all the time asking when it was going to be paid for because he couldn't afford not to have the rent !
    So I won't go down that route again - I feel I'm improving someone else's property at my expense. It never really felt like I had the money back, it was over £400 in all, and it just dribbled back in small amounts, the whole sum was never repaid into the bank.

  3. Wean there are rules and regulations that your landlord has to follow, as you know as you were a landlord yourself in another life. You could also contact the councils environmental team as the boiler is an accident waiting to happen. They and their solicitors can put pressure on your landlord to bring the place up to spec. It is awful that you are paying so much for your gas and electric. I have a 3 bed roomed house with central heating, 3 computers, tv, washer/drier, fridge freezer and chest freezer and my bills are not that high, so there must be something wrong. I know you don't want to rock the boat, and I understand that, but your safety is in question.

  4. Hi HG and thank you for your concern, you are absolutley right, there are legal 'bodies' I could go to about this, but LL would make things very difficult for me, eventually getting me out. If that were to happen, I'd be in a real mess (again). As my landlord falls into the 'couldn't care less' catagory, there is one good thing that comes out of this, the fact that I can have my cats here. I don't think I'd find anywhere else that would allow me to do that.
    All estate agents seem to have on their rental property lists -'no pets' - or one dog usually or a goldfish ! here I have been able to erect an aviary type structure with a catflap from the conservatory so they can all go in and out when they want to. Obviously it will all have to be 'put right' if and when I leave.

    The next couple of bills should be a lot lighter, if not then the house wants demolishing ! it's not as if I've been warm - the house should have been like a sauna considering the amount I'm paying. Hopefully I'll get through the summer months OK, saving as much as I can, and start the search for a 'pet friendly' property immediately, it will take a long time plus I have to save for deposts etc.,
    I think more bills like this next winer would bankrupt me.

    Anyway, moan over, sorry to be a wet blanket - I'll be fine tomorrow.

  5. Do you unplug your tv when not in use? It is an energy sucker when plugged in even if not turned on. Just a thougth. Sounds like you are really doing everything possible.

  6. Those bills are horrendous! I wonder if it would be worthwhile getting the utilities company to check your meters to see if they are working OK. Have you tried switching off/unplugging everything and seeing if the meter still registers electricity/gas usage? It might be interesting. You could also check and see what tariff you are on.

  7. Hi Carrie, thanks for your comment, that's something I haven't tried yet, at the moment I've got the washing machine on and computer of course, but later, I'll switch everything off and go and check.

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