Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Frugal dinner

Yesterday my friend and her partner came for dinner.  They are not vegeterians so a meat dish was called for.  Whenever I see a meaty meal with a yellow sticker on, I buy it and put it in the freezer so I have something to give to my carnivore guests.

This is what I found, 4 x chicken thighs with stuffing and a sachet of spicy gravy.  They were £4.00 reduced to 99p.  I served it with home grown potato's and curly kale from the garden and carrots I already had

I had the veggies with a slice of lentil/onion loaf and for desert some of the lemon tart I bought yesterday with creme fraiche.  A very cheap and nutritious dish.  There were 4 portions of chicken in the pack so I gave them the other two to take home for another meal, everyone was happy.

                                                                     Yum yum ..........

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