Monday, 16 April 2012

Frugal Washing and Pelmets


I hope you all had a good weekend.
Whilst  washing today, I was thinking how much money I save on this necessary chore.
I used to use the bog standard washing powder (albeit own brands) but the dispenser drawer in my machine always looked like it was full of sticky goo - ugh !  So I switched to (own brand) laundry liquid.

I paid about £1.63 if I remember correctly and thought I was pretty clever saving money - I was perfectly happy with the product.  However, recently I came across these :

you may have seen them  in all the big supermarkets, 25% extra bottles and cost only £1.00 !
how good is that ?  and it is really good stuff, thick and gooey and gives really good 'suds' plus no messy dispenser drawer.  I put it directly into the drum on top of the clothes anyway.  I find a don't need fabric conditioner with this (not that I'd buy it anyway) because it leaves a really nice smell to the washing.  I've also seen it in the 99p shops, and one cut price shop near me sells it for 89p.  Now one of these lasts me two weeks - I don't think I'd get cheaper than that anywhere - and before you ask, no, I'm not getting paid to say this, I think it is a brilliant product and a money saver too, so thought I'd pass it on to you all.

Now I only use my machine twice a week, and I always use the 'quick wash' setting on a low temperature, so I reckon I'm really frugal with my laundry.

Pelmets -

I live in a rented house, it's not too bad, it's a 'box' - with a landlord who doesn't recognise the word 'maintenance'.   Whenever something needs doing his answer is always the same - 'you've been lucky so far !'  I feel like telling him he's the lucky one having me as a tenant who looks after the place and garden, but I don't want to rock the boat and find myself without a roof again.   You could say it's 'shabby chic' the shabby bit came as standard - anyway, I digress ......

The bathroom here is like an ice box - probably because I won't put the heating on in there  but an awful draught comes through the window, there was a manky old roller blind which was so mouldy it had penicillin growing in it - so I chucked it out.  But that didn't solve the problem of the draught.
So I made a sort of pelmet thingy ........

I made this using my rag rug method with whatever materials I had and chose shades of peachy pink, cream and lilac.  Using the extra large hook it turned out very thick and therefore kept out the draught.
The 'rod' is an old broom handle wound around with fabric then 'encouraged' into the window recess.

I made two bathmats, one in shades of lilac for when I was having a 'purple' towel week

 and one in shades of peachy pinks and cream for when I have a 'cream' towel week

So whatever colour towels I'm using I have a bathmat to not only match them but also the pelmet.

Thank you all for dropping by - please call again soon.

Take care peeps ...........


  1. I love the pelmet! You are incredibly talented. I think your landlord is very lucky to have you! WS x

  2. The bath mats and pelmet are really lovely and you could make a pelmet to match your bathmats for your alternative weeks. I would love to make rag rugs but haven't got round to it yet. Maybe now that I have been finished from work, due to my ill health, I will have the time to try them out. x x x x



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