Monday, 30 April 2012

Getting Crafty

As the weather has stopped all outside activities lately, I thought I'd make some more cat beds ready for the Etsy shop.  It was Sunday, and even though it was Itty (the Kitty's) day off, he kindly volunteered his services to give them his usual once over.  As you know Itty is CCCQC - (Chief Cat in Charge of Quality Control) and he takes his responsibilities very seriously as you can see.  In fact, so eager was he to carry out his duties, he didn't even wait for them to be finished.  He is devoted to his job.

I had some fabric left over so decided on an experiment, I made a chincilla bed !  or rat/guinea pig etc., Itty did his best to test this out too, but as his ever expanding girth wouldn't allow him inside, he poked a paw around for awhile before declaring it fit for purpose.
 I think it has worked quite well.  I can imagine the little creatures stuffing it up with hay and bedding before snuggling into it.  Wotcha fink ?

They will be neatened and finished later.  If anyone wants any pet beds tested, Itty can offer very reasonable rates.  Discounts for OAP's.


  1. Those look lovely!

    Evil cat has used cat beds in the past, but has a preference for cushions - I usually leave one in front of the fire, one under the ironing board and there is one next to where I sleep. None of my other cats would consider cat beds - that would be too easy lol btw, that handsome chap really does look in charge. WS xxx

  2. your little story of itty the kitty and the testing job gave me a chuckle this morning, much needed after a night with a glass of wine(or three),cheered me up no end. thanks for that x

  3. WS - although Itty personally tests the beds for me, he too prefers my bed ! they do sell well however.

    AP - Itty sends love and hopes you are now sober.



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