Saturday, 21 April 2012

Hoping for a Fruity Summer


In between the deluges yesterday I took some pictures of my 'intended' fruit harvest for this year.

Young strawberry plants taken from last years runners, there's lots more too.  I also donated some on Freecycle.  They will have to be potted up of course, I keep strawberries in pots and raised up to keep the fruit clean and free from mud splashes when it rains.

Here are some baby gooseberry bushes, grown from the seeds from last year's crop.  They wont fruit this year of course, but they're looking very healthy.  I have some 'grown up' bushes too which bore fruit last year which was especially  good as they were only re-planted last year from the house move.

Here are some raspberry canes that I got from freecyle, they will have to be planted in the ground but it's like a sponge at the moment so can't do much.  I also brought some mature canes with me, I didn't think they would 'take' but they are showing plenty of new growth at the moment - so double raspberries this year.

Here is a blueberry I actually bought from the garden centre this year - ouch !  I try not to buy anything !
Anyway I'd read how good for you blueberries are, so treated myself to this little beauty.  It's in a very big pot, loads of root room there for a long time I think.  I'ts already showing signs of budding.

I also have rhubarb, can't photograph it 'cos I just had it for a crumble !  lots more 'buds' showing though.  Also I have thornless blackberries trained along a horrible blue painted fence !  lets hope it covers that colour pretty quick !   who in their right mind paints a garden fence blue !!  green I can accept, brown I can accept, but Blue ????

take care peeps ........


  1. Your fruits look lovely and lush. This is my first year trying to grow them. I have strawberries, courtesy of Dreamer, rhubarb, and 2 gooseberry bushes.

    S xx

  2. "..who in their right mind paints a garden fence blue?"
    Ans. Alan Titchmarsh.
    In B&Q the paint is called "Titchmarsh Blue"
    He has poor taste!
    I've also just planted quite a bit, including rhubarb - but I was told I couldn't pull any this year.
    No crumble for me until 2013. :(

  3. Bernard - I was told that too when I planted it last year, but it sent up such a lot of stalks I just couldn't leave it, so I pulled it and ate it, and it hasn't made any difference, it's growing strongly this year already. Sometimes I wonder if these 'old gardeners tales' are right or not ?


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