Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I'm In Love

My pulses are racing, my heart beats faster, my head is swimming and I'm floating on air !
                                                                  be still my aching heart
                                                              And the object of my desire ?

                                                      Aren't they boooootiful ?  they're Silkies. 

I used to keep chickens (and ducks) and one of the greatest pleasures of living in the country is collecting the eggs first thing in the morning.  I had several different varieties of hens to give me different coloured eggs - like these:

I can't keep chickens any more, sadly, due to lack of space, but recently I picked up something from a Freecycle member and he kept chucks in his (large) garden, so I bought these eggs from him.  I'm hoping to get some on a regular basis now.  The lighter coloured ones are actually green or blue and are from Aracana hens, otherwise known as the Easter egg hen because of the colour of the eggs they lay, and the dark brown are laid by a variety of hens such as Marans or Barnevelders.

Hmmm, where's my tape measure, I must go and measure that corner of the garden - I wonder ?

take care peeps

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