Friday, 6 April 2012

Meet Carrotcat

Greetings ..........

This is Carrotcat - one of my feline family of six.

He is almost 18 years old,  he is beautiful, wonderful, amazing, loveable, gorgeous, fantastic and very loved.
He recently gave me a very worrying time, he had to have 8 teeth removed - that's a big procedure for an OAC - (old aged cat).  I didn't know there was anything wrong with him until he went off his food for a couple of days, and started clawing at his mouth, the vet said this is very often the case with cats, they don't show they are in discomfort.

Anyway he's had his operation, you can see where he was 'shaved' for the tubes for fluids etc., thankfully he is dong very well, is eating like there's no tomorrow and is as loveable as ever.

I, on the other hand, have lost years from my lifespan with worry, have discovered lots more grey hairs, lost my appetitte - not to mention the bill.  -  (OK we won't mention the bill - he's worth every penny, let's just say it had 00's on the end of it.)

Here he is sleeping off the anaesthetic.  If you're wondering about his name by the way, he was originally called 'Jasper' but it very soon got mangled to 'Carrot' - think about it !

take care peeps ...............


  1. Hi J.
    Worry? Tell me about it. Don't we all.
    Nearly all of my cats have made it into their 'late teens'. Around a hundred, in our years. (so I'm told). And yes, they get a few things wrong with them as they get on in years. I won't attempt to even mention one of the dozens of vet visits I have made, but as you say - all were worth it.
    Take care. You and Jasper Carrot. :)

  2. What a handsome gentleman! He reminds me a lot of malevolent cat. I miss her so much, she was elderly when she went. He is certainly looking good for his age! WS x

  3. Oh dear poor carrot, never mind, he looks ok now. I am forever inspecting my cats, but they hate it when I try and look inside their mouths. Good start to the blog by the way, look forward to more.

  4. Hi Bernard, I think I should have my own parking space at the vet !
    WS - boy do I know what you mean, my heart has been shattered so many times by the loss of pets it's a wonder I still have a pulse at all !
    Thanks for the tips MQ, I'll get around to sorting stuff soon I hope, in the meantime please bear with me while I get this blogging business right !
    Thank you all for posting


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