Saturday, 28 April 2012

Rubbish Boot Sale

Absolutely waste of time at the boot sale this morning.  I like a boot sale to be a boot sale not a 'market'.  There were too many market stall holders and not enough real 'booters' there, I like a good rummage in other peoples rubbish.  Anyway I'll post a  couple of pics of last weeks treasures.

A lovely little pressed glass bowl on a silver plated base

A nice vintage leather purse - my old one was falling apart

An art deco vase

An old coffee pot (I'm going to put a plant in it)

All those for £2.00 - not bad eh ?


  1. im going to do a boot sale when i get around to sorting everything out, im lucky to have a sister in law who gives my all sorts of (junk) in the nicest possible way, after a clean up it should do ok. like you, i love boot sales but not when they are market sellers.



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