Monday, 30 April 2012

So Which is It ?

Drought ?  or  Flood ?

We've been told for weeks we have a drought situation here in UK, and we are all diligently saving water (I hope) but now there has been non-stop rain for days we are being told there are flood warnings in place !

Every year this happens, it's the English weather !  but how can you have a hosepipe ban operating at the same time as flood warnings ?

I've just watched the evening news and see that the weather bods are saying it is 'the wrong kind of rain'  -   is it me ?

                                                                  So which is it to be :


                                                                              or flood ?

My garden is so flooded at the moment the only thing I could grow is rice ! but I mustn't use my hosepipe !


  1. I saw the flooding on the Canadian news tonight - hoping you are not affected!

  2. it is the wrong kind of rain, coming down too fast on solid dry ground and running off, except where its flooding of course.



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