Sunday, 22 April 2012

Taking Five


I've just got back from the Sunday car boot, it has been rained off again.  Not before I bagged one or two bargains though, I'll upload the pics later, right now I'm taking 5 minutes with a cuppa after being mugged by the cats 'cos they've never been fed you know - and they make me know it !!

I like the rain, but right now could do with a little rest from it, my garden is so soggy I'm thinking of keeping ducks.

Actually I used to keep ducks, they're lovely things.  Muscovies are the best if you live close to people.  The don't 'quack' as such, just hiss - it puts people off sometimes thinking they are being agressive like geese, but it's just their way of communicating.  Here are some Muscovies, they're quite big creatures and lay well.

Aren't they pretty ?  well I didn't intend this quick post to turn into an article about ducks - I must be going quackers !!

I'll catch you later, hope you are enjoying soggy Sunday.

Take care peeps ........

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  1. Wean,

    Send me a comment with your email addy and I will send you the photographs of the shabby chic cushions. I have one of the pink ones and two blue ones made.



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