Thursday, 5 April 2012



This is my first attempt at blogging, so please be gentle with me !
So ......... I'm a woman of a 'certain age', 3 children all fled the nest long ago.
I find myself living in a modern housing estate after downsizing from a farmhouse in the beautiful Shropshire countryside.  This has presented many problems but I'm slowly coming to terms with it. I can appreciate all the conveniences around me i.e. regular bus service , close proximity to shops and supermarkets (which means being able to 'bag' all the bargains) and wonder of wonders - streetlights !!
However, my heart is in the country and one day I plan to return to reclaim it, I don't know how I'll do it, but I will - somehow.

Things I love doing include, growing my own fruit and veg albeit in a much reduced space now, stretching money from  here to infinity and beyond (I'm quite good at this), walking, supermarket foraging, vegetarian cooking, reading and craft work and of course my beloved cats.

Here are four of my six cats relaxing on my bed,  if I ask them nicely they will allow me to get in too !

I hope to share some of my favourite vegetarian recipes with you, and my latest craft creations, I love making useful items out of recycled materials.  Some will be offered for sale, but that is for the future.

I also love all things vintage and retro and have been an avid collector in the past.  I love to discover hidden treasures at boot sales and flea markets etc.,  I'll be posting my 'finds' on here, I hope you will be interested.


  1. Welcome to the 'Blogosphere' as some people call it. This 'first attempt' is excellent. I've been on blogger for three years now and I must admit it is sometimes difficult to find new topics.
    Is that a picture of the Malverns above? Wonderful area to live.
    And six cats! :)
    The most I've ever had was four, and that was a handful. They were all long lived and I'm now down to one old Ginger Tom (16 years).
    Nice to meet you. You are starting off with your first follower.

  2. I forgot to say, you may find Jane's blog interesting as she also resides in Shropshire. (she blogs here :- )

    1. Welcome Bernard and thank you for being 'the first' I hope I don't bore you ! I will check yours and 'Janes' blog later, dashing off to the vet now.

  3. Hello, Can I join Bernard and be your second follower. Glad your dumplings turned out alright. Your fridge/freezer sounds like mine, there's not much in mine that doesn't have a yellow sticker.
    I regularly haunt Mr Tesco on a Saturday evening (sad or what!!).
    Some good bargains to be had.
    Like you I long to live in the country (sigh!)
    Love your cats and hope to read plenty in the future about them.
    Kathy x

  4. Hello Kathy - you are most welcome and thank you for leaving a comment. Try Sainsbury's too for bargains, I get lots of fresh produce from there, salads, veggies etc.,
    Are you just starting a blog too ?
    Bernard - 4 blogs ? they should keep you busy. Thank you for the link to Janes blog, I know all those places she has photographed and have visited most of them too.

  5. Hello Wean,

    I saw your comment on Bernard's blog and came across to visit. I love your blog header and I love Shropshire :-)

  6. Hello Cherry Pie -
    Yes Shropshire is beautiful isn't it ? I never feel the need to go away on holiday living here.
    please come back soon

  7. hello wean, Ali here

    just want to say good luck with your blog, i hope to be able to comment and view often, if i get the hang of how to do it.

  8. hello again, just logged in so i think im away with the mixer!

    i used to live in the country too, loved it and miss the free time i used to have, especially walking my overgrown german shepherd. im now in a small council house due to circumstances of life, and working far too many hours to make ends meet.
    i try to save everywhere i can, done the candle thing this winter, its amazing how they can heat a room, and give a warm glow too. will catch up here again later bye all.

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  10. Hi 'A'
    Glad you found me alright. I'm sure you'll have less trouble finding your way around here than I do with Facebook !
    Come back soon