Saturday, 21 April 2012

Yukky Yoghurt


I made some yoghurt on Thursday - well I should say I 'tried' to make some yoghurt, It's not failed before, but I had so much on my mind, everything went wrong !  take a look at this .........

Doesn't it look inviting ?  (not)  actually there was a whole pot full, but I forgot to photograph it.
Just one of those days I suppose.  I mean, would you like to eat this ?

Well someone did !

take care peeps


  1. I invested in a yogurt maker which has paid for itself. I warm milk, add milk powder and yogurt starter, (smart price) and then add to the maker which has been plugged in and warmed up. I just leave it for 5 hours, it uses very little electricity, and then I have a jug full of smooth, tasty yogurt.

    S x x

  2. Like Holiday Girl, I had a Yog-maker, but it came with six small pots which of course made a lot of washing up. It went to the charity shop.
    Did you know if you use Long-life milk you don't need to heat it first. (It's already sterilized.)
    It will work on its own in a warm room. (Blood heat).

  3. Thanks for your replies.
    HG - I've never seen yoghurt starter in a supermarket - I assume you're meaning Asda as you said 'smart price' ?
    Bernard, I like the idea of not heating the milk first, saves on washing up, do you add starter too or just some natural live yoghurt to start ? I'll give that a try.

    1. Yes, you just use a bit of 'live' yoghurt smeared around the sides of a jug, and pour in the LL milk. I'm buying this a 49p a litre (sorry about the metric!) from Sainsburys. It's their 'basic' range! I thought 'milk' was 'milk', but there you go! Don't use it cold though - give it a 'cuddle' first to get it to 'body temperature'. :) He,he!

  4. Bernard - I am cuddling the milk as we speak !



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