Monday, 28 May 2012

Bargain rage ..........


I just posted about my weekend bargains for which I'm very grateful.  However, lately I've noticed a change in the way people 'acquire' their bargains.

An unacceptable practice has sprung up in my local supermarkets, now don't get me wrong, I like a bargain as much as the next person, but will take what is on offer at the time I walk past the bargain section, sometimes I'll go back a couple of times, and I will only take what I want for that day or possibly the next one.
All you supermarket foragers out there will know there are usually 2/3 reduction times before reaching the final one i.e. the lowest.

Now what's happening now is this :  a man (yes it is always a man - usually a big burly one at that) goes with a trolley to the reduced section and fills it with anything and everything that is put in there on the first reduction, then he walks around until more stuff is brought out and snaffles that too - not giving much of a chance to anyone else, especially a poor defenceless pensioner like me !!

Fast forward to end of story, when the poor little guy/gal comes out with the price gun to do the final reductions, big, burly, greedy male appears with his trolley, which by now is full to overflowing, and gets everything reduced to silly prices and pushes everyone else out.  (and yes, I have watched this over and over again just to get my facts right)  I think this is just sheer greed and selfisheness, and although I still manage to get some reduced items for myself, I wouldn't dream of doing this.  We all need to watch the pennies and get the odd bargain, but this is totally unacceptable and lots of folks just don't get a look in. 

Has anyone else noticed this and what do you think ?

take care peeps ..........


  1. That's naughty! Are you really saying that the shop person reduces the stuff once the naughty man has snaffled it all into his trolley, surely once you've put something into your trolley you have accepted the price and plan to buy it for that price, not take your trolley back when other items are being reduced and get yours done too...I am baffled that the shop person would even reduce the things already in his trolley, I would tell him to tickle off and I've worked in plenty of shops...I'm baffled by this!

  2. That's right sooz, that's exactly what is happening. and I agree with you, once you've put it in your trolley, you have accepted the price, but at Sainsbury's it seems you can take it back and get it reduced again !
    I'm just glad now to be able to get bread and veggies reduced.
    This practice is just plain greedy, everyone should have a chance to get a bargain or two.

  3. Gosh, that would make me Very Cross too, that's really unfair!

  4. Yes I've seen it all at the reductions. Very infuriating. I particularly dislike the trolley blockers.

  5. Like all 'good things' bargain hunting seems to be coming to an end because of greed, I'm glad I made the most of it while I could, and I'm still living out of the freezer.
    I still get fresh bread however and sometimes some veg or salad if I haven't got any in the garden.
    So I'm thankful for that


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