Friday, 25 May 2012

BBQ weather


Anyone having a BBQ in this glorious weather ?  I've had a BBQ for about 18 months, like this one but with long legs bringing it up to waist height (can't find a picture of the actual one)

You can cook on both sides at once.  I also got a set of BBQ tools, charcoal and a BBQ cookbook.  So I'm all set - trouble is - no one will come !!  They're all too busy doing their own thing as usual. Last year the same.  That's why I haven't got a piccie of it - it hasn't even been unpacked yet - oh well, anyone wanna buy a BBQ ??   sad or wot ?

I hope if you are having one it goes well for you - I can recommend a good cook book ?

take care peeps .........


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  2. Ah wean, my world is full of people who have no time. What clods they are - life is whizzing by while they are busy doing other things. I suggest that we have a 'virtual' BBQ along with anyone else who wishes to join us.
    I will bring some bread and some rather lovely chutney and also a pineapple and some bananas so that we can have fruit kebabs. I love sangria when the weather's warm and I am dining so I will bring some of that as well. What are you going to bring?

  3. Hi Carrie, your contribution sounds lovely, but as I'm a veggie, I would bring a selection of veggies for roasting on skewers, with a selection of dips/sauces/marinades. Various salads, garlic bread, there would be some cheese in there somewhere for protein and a cool dessert such as fruit cheesecake and a bottle of sparkling white !



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