Saturday, 5 May 2012


Could you spare a couple of minutes to check something for me please ?

When I set up this blog, the template looked fine to me, and what I see when I log in is the main body of the blog centred with side panels in plain green colour.  However, I was told that the picture was too big, but I didn't think it was so I've left it as it is.

Yesterday, I logged in from a friends computer and can see that my picture does in fact fill the whole of the screen, as does the rest of the blog, this is not what I intended.

When you log in would you please check and tell me what you are getting ?  i.e. full screen or centred ?  If it's full screen, it means more hours hunched over the computer I suppose to get it sorted, unless someone knows what to do ?

Thanks peeps ........


  1. It looks fine to me. The picture is centralised with green strips down each sides x x x

  2. Thank you for doing that for me, that sounds like what I can 'see' here - anyone else please ?

  3. I see what Holiday Girl sees.
    Ann G

  4. I see what the others see. :)
    However, having said that. I find my own blogs do look different depending on which 'browser' I use. I had a lot of trouble with IE7. I changed to IE8. Not much better, so I next tried Chrome. I now stick with the latter for blogging as 'so-far-so-good'. But as I said, there can be a slight difference. Your two columns -'blog ar-chive' and 'follower-s' look a bit on the narrow side, on my screen, but everything is looking good. :)

  5. Im using internet explorer and it looks fine. Green both sides, pic and blog centered.

  6. Thank you folks, that is appreciated.
    It seems that it is as I wanted it to be, the problem must be with my friends browser.
    Thank you again

  7. I can't see the right hand green edge because the picture header has stretched the page as it is too wide. It also fills the whole of the screen. I crop mine top and bottom to make it narrow, because I like to see the post title and a couple of lines when the page opens. You could crop some of your sky out if you wanted to. To make my header pic fit I use Microsoft Office Picture Manager, crop to the right depth, and resize using the percentage button. Starting by resizing it to 75%, trying it, then resizing further untill it fits. Beware though if you resize too far and it's too small then resize back up again, you lose some of the clarity. I'm not sure if there is an easier way, but it works for me.

    Your side bar is one column wide at the top for your profile, then it changes into two narrow columns. The left hand column is a lot longer than the right. If I were to do this I would want two columns of equal length, but to be honest I don't think the side bar is wide enough for two columns.

    A couple more things, not critisizing, just my opinion, I find your bright green difficult to read, it's all blurry. I much prefer contrasting colours, gives a sharper edge to it. Also the font size throughout is quite small. I have to get closer to the screen, or tilt my head and squint through the right part of my varifocals. I am using Windows Internet Explorer screen measurement 13" x 10.5"

    If you and everyone else is happy with it just ignore me.

  8. I am using Firefox and it looks like you said it should. Centred with green sides.

  9. Thank you for that, I've also asked some friends in different parts of the country to check it out as well, and they are all getting it centred - how I want it, it seems to be a browser problem as Bernard said.



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