Sunday, 6 May 2012

Car Boot Bargains


Yesterday was a good day at the local car boot sale.  I'm pleased with my bargains for this week.  See what you think.

First, some lovely vintage fabrics circa 1960's.  The orange/gold piece is actually a double sized quilt cover, doesn't look like it's had much wear, very clean.  I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet, probably make stuff for Etsy,  it's too precious to sell as it is, vintage fabrics are becoming increasingly hard to get hold of these days

The green piece is a single quilt cover, this is so pretty, I have a serious problem with the colour green, I just love all shades of it, and anything I get in that colour usually doesn't go anywhere !  I can't bear to part with it.  Hence my nickname 'Green Wean' - which refers to my love of the colour as much as the way I try to live my life.  These cost £1.00 each.

This is lovely !  A silver plated dish with blue glass liner.  This is a nice piece, the liner is in perfect condition no cracks or chips.  The plate only needs some silver polish and elbow grease to bring it up nicely.  This cost only 50p.

A pair of ladies vintage kid leather gloves.  So soft and supple and in very clean condition -  cost ? -   50p.

Isn't this beautiful ?  this should have been at an antiques fair I think not a boot sale - it's solid marble, Victorian and 'very' heavy - cost ? - £1.00 - an absolute steal.

A lovely old oak framed oval cased clock - very good condition - and it works !  cost ?  - 50p.

Here's Ratty !  settle down he's not real !  I bought him to be photographed in the new rat/chinchilla beds I am making, he looks comfortable don't you think ? cost ? -  only 20p.

So a good haul I think.  There were lots of lovely things there this morning, but there is a limit that I will pay, usually 50p !  some of the traders just ask too much and end up taking the stuff home. 

take care peeps ..........


  1. You got some fabulous bargains and I love the marble and dish with the liner. Our car boot charges the earth, you're lucky to get anything under a fiver and as you say they take everything home, just to bring it all back again next week x x x

  2. Wow, great finds. I absolutely love cobalt blue glass.

  3. That material is beautiful Wean. What a great find!

    Sft x

  4. What a lot of lovely bargains! I especially like the fabric, it's lovely!

  5. Hi all, thanks for your comments.
    yes, I had a good one on Saturday !
    HG - some of them can be so stubborn, I'm not suggesting tht everyone brings their prices down to within my reach i.e. 50p - ! but they should be prepared to 'haggle' a little, after all thats's what a car boot sale is all about. I feel sad for them at the end of the sale, others are packing up what's left of their stock, and the 'non-budgers' haven't sold a thing !

    Yay ! It's holiday Monday, and theres' another one on today, so off I go ! (good job I've got plenty of food in the freezer 'cos I'm spending my 'float' this weekend.

  6. What do you do with your little treasures when you find them? x x

  7. HG - I 'enjoy' them ! i.e. I have them around the place for as long as I still get enjoyment from them, then I usually try to sell them on Ebay to at least get my money back plus a little extra.
    I sometimes give them as gifts for christmas/birthdays etc., to vintage loving friends.
    With the fabrics, I make things from it and sell the finished items, or at least I try too - it keeps me busy !

  8. well done you, i hope to do a boot sale soon with all the stuff my other half brings home from his sis! she keeps us stocked up. his latest money maker is collecting off cuts of wood from work, he will chop them into kindling sticks to sell by the bag.



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