Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Car Booty


I went to the boot sale on Sunday morning, it's getting bigger now as the weather gets better.

I didn't have much spare 'pocket money' this week, but was still pleased with my little haul.

Isn't this lovely ?  a thermal jug, not used - very stylish I think and only 50p.

Oh my aren't these gorgeous ?  retro Tupperware and in green too - how could I resist at 50p the pair

Whoo hoo - look at this lot !  a rainbow of coloured fabrics.  Not retro this week but I've had a couple of orders for 'bright colourful' cat beds, and this lot will fit the bill perfectly.  I love fabrics of all kinds.

So that's it, I didn't break the bank, had a good nosey around and am pleased with what I got.

Take care peeps ..........

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