Saturday, 19 May 2012

Cut off in my prime ........


I've been offline for a couple of days, thanks to BT installing their wonderful new 'high speed' broadband connection in my area - is it supposed to cut off existing customers then ?

Anyway, this enforced absence allowed me to catch up on some jobs around the place, and in the garden which was looking decidedly overgrown.  A little pruning, weeding and digging has worked wonders, though lots more wonders to work yet !

I lost a lot of my 'first born' seedlings this year (a sad time for any gardener) due to the deluges this spring,  I've re-sown a lot of them, some are now bravely pushing their way through the compost to see if it's safe up here.  Sadly a lot ended up on the compost heap.

I had to bite the bullet and buy some broad beans and some more courgettes, only £1 a tray of 8 so that's not bad, they should more than repay my investment.  I've also sown some more broccoli, chard and curly kale - mmm can't get enough of that stuff.

I've left one plant to go to seed, just as an experiment really.  The seed is not expensive to buy, especially as one packet lasts me 3/4 years !  I'd just like to see if I can save it correctly.

Also lettuce and some late tomato's.  The raspberries are doing very well, lots of blossoms and fruiting buds, as are the strawberries.  I managed to grow some gooseberries from seed last year - I'm quite proud of this

It wasn't intentional, I had no idea it was so easy, I thought it would be a 'layering' process.  Instead these just grew from gooseberries that weren't gathered last year, and fell on top of the soil, germinated and took root.  yay !!  I brought them round the side of the house for protection during their first cruel winter ! and here they are - they made it - they will live !

My side (blue -ugh!) fence is slowly being covered with thornless blackberries, also grown from a couple of cuttings I 'begged' from a friend, so all in all, not doing too bad in spite of the weather trying to con me into building an ark !  (with recycled timber of course!)

take care peeps ..............


  1. You have been busy and very productive. I bought 2 gooseberry bushes and they lost all their leaves and I'm left with bear stalks. I shall leave them alone and see if they return again next year.

    Good to have you back x x

  2. Wow, what amazing produce. I am so jealous.

    You've got green fingers.

    Will be having a sealed pot opening ceremony on 1st December.
    You are welcome to join me and many others.

    Sft x



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