Friday, 25 May 2012

Double your washing up liquid


Here's a great way to double your washing up liquid at a great price.

This is the washing up liquid I buy.  Two for £1.00.  That's cheap enough in it's own right, it isn't the watery cheapo stuff, it's thick like Fairy Liquid - 50p per bottle.

You must save some empty bottles for this.  Then fill each empty bottle with one third wash up liquid, one third vinegar and one third water.  I tried white vinegar but it is quite expensive at about £1.20 a bottle for the cheapest I think, using that wouldn't make it so economical.  So I tried the bog standard brown vinegar own brand, and it works just as well.

So there you have it, double your washing up liquid for just the cost of the vinegar.  I actually bought 4 bottles and made 8 from it, I did 4 yesterday after I'd 'begged' some empty bottles working out at approx 26 1/2p per bottle.  That will last me months !

I also think that it is better diluted this way than left as bought because the suds last longer in the bowl, something to do with the addition of the vinegar obviously, it cuts through the grease very well too.
Oh and your washing up doesn't smell like the local chippy either - you can smell vinegar for just a few seconds, then it's gone.

Now, this isn't my tip, I have read it somewhere and can't remember where, so if it is yours, let me know and I'll credit it to you.

take care peeps...............


  1. I have got to try this.... I get my white vinegar from Asda, and it is 51p for 568ml (strange size). Or I get it from Makro, but that isn't always an option for all. WS xxx

  2. Can anyone tell me why white vinegar is always recommended. It is all acetic acid isn't it? And as Wean says, white is more expensive that malt.

    Can I just make a point, washing up liquid contains a certain amount of salt. If you are also adding vinegar, don't wash your car with it, as I don't think either would do the bodywork on your car any good.

    I have actually used this tip for washing up liquid, because I also read it somewhere, I think Shirley Goode's blog.

  3. Campfire - if you buy chipshop 'vinegar' or cheapo vinegar it is usually acetic acid with dye added, so would be useless as fabric conditioner etc and could stain. Proper malt vinegar shouldn't stain, but I don't take the risk.

    I remember the first time I saw white vinegar, in a corner shop in Scotland. I couldn't believe it would work on chips - I was about seven years old at the time! WS xxx



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