Saturday, 5 May 2012

Frugal Cleaning


Let's get straight to the point - are you a brand name snob ?  i.e. do you feel you have to buy the most expensive/well known cleaning products on the market ?  I know lots of people like this, and frankly, their housese are no cleaner than mine, and I spend a tenth of what they do on cleaning products.

In the average shopping basket/trolley, the 'non-edible' elements add up to approx 1/3rd of total shop.  That's a lot of money that is destined to be flushed down the loo, wiped over worktops, mopped on floors and wiped on windows !

Here are a few ways I save money on cleaning products that really do work !

OK - here two examples of  'own brand' all purpose cleaner - usually lemon scented, and selling at this time for between 26p and 28p.
You can, if you're stupid, or have more money than sense, pay up to £3.99 for a similar product that does exactly the same job.

This is what I do.  Save a 'trigger' container -  make sure you rinse it out well and all traces of previous detergents etc., are removed (that should keep the health and safety boys happy).  You will find that one of the products pictured above will fill an average sized 'trigger' twice ! making 13p/14p per bottle.
One of these lasts me two weeks making 7p per week !  Now you're not going to get much cheaper than that are you ?  and if you really are a 'brand name snob' then just pour it into one of your old ' expensive' bottles' !!

Here's another of my favourites:  Bleach.
How much do you pay for bleach kitchen spray ?  £2.99 ? - £3.99 ? 
Buy cheapo bleach from £1 or 99p shops - usually two for £1.00 - a great enough saving in it's own right, but this is how to make it last even longer and save  you more.

Using a spray as detailed above, or buy a new one for the purpose, make a dilute solution of 5 parts water and one part bleach, this is your basic kitchen spray with bleach.  You can see how many times you can fill a spray using this method.

These are the only two cleaning products I use in my home, it saves me a small fortune.

I have one of those sink units with an small oval 'sink' in the middle'.  Now usually each day there 'appears' in the kitchen something that needs bleaching i.e. cleaning cloths, cutlery, cups, etc. etc.,  I fill this with water each morning and add just a little bleach and 'drop in' anything that is stained.
I remove the item after a time and add anything else that needs bleaching, no need to keep changing the water and adding fresh bleach, you might as well pour it down the sink !

When I have bleached everything that needs it, I scoop up half of it with a jug, add it to a bucket of hot soapy water at the end of the day to wash the kitchen floor (with 6 cats this is necessary believe me) then with the other half, I take upstairs and pour into the toilet to clean/disinfectant overnight.  Now thats what I call frugal !!
Hope this has helped.

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