Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Good Morning World it's a Brand New Day ......


Well there's a UFO in the sky here - it's bright yellow, warm and sending out 'good vibrations' - wonder what it is ??

I didn't get on with the gardening yesterday because I was finishing off a cat bed bound for Astra at A Journey to a Dream - hope she likes it, I'll be sending a piccie for her later.

Lots of boring housework to do first - how I hate it, there's so much more I'd rather be doing.

I have so many ideas for posts that my brain can't cope - but 'things' get in the way as they do, never mind, I have a 'data bank' of stuff to write about if I ever get time.

Oh well back to the dull dusting, the vile vacuuming, the boring bedmaking, the pathetic polishing, the irksome ironing, the woeful washing - I've run out of ideas now, but after all this I can get out to the gladsome gardening !

take care peeps ..........

1 comment:

  1. Horrible housework can wait......I spent a lovely morning pottering in my garden. Moved some garlic out of the greenhouse and planted them in the boarders and potted up some bedding plants. If I feel up to it after lunch, I am going to plant the toms, with the marrigolds into their final place in the greenhouse.

    Hope you have a good day x x x



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