Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Hands Free Kit - bet it's not what you think !


I've been getting down and crafty again, I have loads of yarn and lovely fabric to use up.

Have you ever noticed how people these days can't seem to go anywhere without a bottle of water ?  as if they are going to dehydrate before they get to their destination ?  They look thoroughly uncomfortable with a bottle of water in one hand and a mobile/cell phone in the other.

It's difficult for them to pay bus fares, carry shopping, push babies or hold the dog's lead.

I made some hands-free kits for just such people ! designed to be worn across the chest, one on each side.

The no-nonsense version - bottle holder worked in mesh stitch to keep bottle and contents cool

The bag on this set has a petal design border turned down

This one has a full shell border which looks like a flower when pulled up

This is an elegant set, in plain black with retro black and gold beads.

I think they could solve the problem of not having 'hands free' - there are others in production, if you like them pop over to my Etsy shop, link top right hand of this page, and have a looksee.  I will accept custom orders if you want a set to match a special outfit or for a present.

take care peeps .........


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