Saturday, 19 May 2012

Is it really possible to earn money online ?


Do you think it's really possible to earn money online ?  I'm not talking mega-bucks here, just a few quid a week or month to help ends meet.

If we are to believe all the hype that spews out of out computer screens, it's easy peasy and we should all be the next generation of .com millionaires with just a click or two of the mouse.

I've tried a few things in my time, I have to say most are just hype, some 'could' work if you are prepared to give it 25 hours a day which I am not.

I've built websites in the past, all singing all dancing bells and whistle jobbies, but I'm still poor !  I've tried selling stuff, affiliate marketing and lots more.

Anyway peepies, here's one or two I've tried with my conclusions, if you earn money online, please leave a post and let me/us know what you do and if it works for you.  Thank you.

Ebay - well what can I say ?  this has to be the all time number one for anyone to earn a crust or two.
Beware though, this is fine if you are selling your own stuff (as I am) and you are happy with what you get.  But if you want to take it that step further i.e. buy stuff to sell on, the profit margins will decrease dramatically.
Loads of hidden fees here including Paypal, and it sometimes seems that you are better off just donating your unwanted 'stuff' to the local charity shop because after Ebay and Paypal have finished taking their 'cut'  there's not much left.

Online surveys:  I've tried these - OMG  have I tried these !  I've sat for hour after boring hour filling in boring, mind numbing, spirit crushing ***** surveys !
They let you get to the point where you just see the 'finishing line' then say you are not eligible for this survey !  oh yeah ?  so they are not going to use all the info  you've just typed in ?
Then they send survey after survey with fantastic 'rewards' only to find out they are not cash surveys, but 'points' oh right that's OK then thanks, I've just sat here for a ****** hour and a half for a few measly points ??

Selling websites - forget it.

Adsense - ah - this looks interesting - after all Google are a reputable set up are they not?

Well after you've spent what seems like months trying to figure out how to insert Google adsense into your website/blog/page etc., (just don't mention HTML to me!)  it seems that the eternally optimistic of us that have done this, are at the tender mercies of the general public !  OMG - the very phrase strikes fear into the most intrepid of hearts !

You can't make people click on the 'ad' links of course, but my take on it is this  - if I visit a website or blog or page that is of interest to me, and if I've 'taken' something from that blog i.e. a recipe/pattern/money saving hint or tip or just something that made me smile and lifted my mood for that day, then I like to think that I have 'given something back' by just clicking on an ad for a couple of minutes, it hasn't cost me anything, but is my way of saying 'thank you' - this doesn't seem to be the 'norm' however.

So as far as I'm concerned,  the jury is still out on this one, I'm a comparative newcomer to adsense, so I'll give it some more time.  I would like to hear from you though, if you use Adsense, as to how you are getting on with it, is it working for you?  do people click on your ads ?

I have an Etsy shop and am 'stocking' it at the moment.  It all looks rather lovely, i.e. people looking for handcrafted items with individuality and flair.
Again, as far as I'm concerned, the jury is out on this one too, it's much too early for me to give an honest view.

Please give me your opinions and thoughts on this .............

take care peeps ...............


  1. I use infolinks. So far so good. Not a big money maker - very much the same as adsense but if you have a problem with adsense good like ever getting a response. I collapsed my original blog, which had adsense, then started a new one a year later and they will not reactivate my account. Countless emails later I have given up and infolinks was very easy to figure out. They do have customer service if you have issues. I am thinking of starting an Etsy shop for vintage items but want to build up enough inventory. If that doesnt work I will just sell the same stock at a flea market.

  2. I do surveys for Pinecone Research. All surveys pay me. I have an etsy shop I have never opened. My Points is good. You get points but that translates to Amazon credit.

    Go to my blog and click on the Swagbucks button, I get credit and put it on Amazon. Last year, I bought a camera through Amazon and had free shipping. You can make lots more on SB, depending on whether you want to use if just for searches like I do. Or, you can play games, watch short videos, or do surveys for making more Swagbucks.

    I have never tried adsense. The one ad I have approached me and paid me upfront.

  3. We do surveys and most sites are awful. We have got it down to 2 sites that are pretty good (but far from perfect). We get usually around £10 each each month in vouchers. We usually get amazon vouchers are they come quickly via email code, and I use them to buy toiletries (if they are a good buy) or sometimes non perishable food. Topcashback is also worth doing for us as we do a lot of online shopping for everyday essentials, plus pressies and clothes for the kids. Not a huge amount but it adds up over the year.

    Good luck with your search to up your income. If I like a blog I often click on the ads to show appreciation so keep up the good work.

  4. Thank you for your comments - Even £10 a month means a lot doesn't it when you need every penny ?
    I've been clearing out cupboards this weekend for more stuff to sell on Ebay, I didn't know I'd been hoarding so much - let's hope I get my money back !
    Little Rosie - thank you for your 'click' - it all helps.


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