Friday, 11 May 2012

Isn't Technology Wonderful ?


First of all welcome to the new followers - you've made an old lady very happy !!

Well most of today has been spent cussing, swearing and threatening this ***** computer !!

I''m trying to set something up - the keyword being 'trying' but my computer has other ideas.

I've begged, coaxed, cajoled and pleaded - and I've now opened the window ready to chuck it out in case it doesn't do what I want when I try one more time.

Why is it that when you have to do something new, the instructions never coincide with what's on the screen ?  I've had several long tutorials to read through in order to achieve what I'm doing, I've been very patient, printed off the information so I don't forget and get confused, gone through it one step at a time and it STILL won't do it !!

I think the young generation have got a huge advantage over us 'old wrinklies' in that respect, they are learning IT skills in playgroup now.  It's second nature to them.  Whereas we have to start at the very beginning and teach ourselves and it ain't easy !

I was amazed recently when my grandaughter came to visit, I have an old (vintage) telephone here, purely for decoration, and she couldn't figure out how to turn the dial !  made me feel a lot better I can tell you.  

Apart from computer skills we have to teach ourselves the wonders of the mobile phone, and the mysteries of the satnav, not to mention programming the DVD recorder - eeeek !

I think this is more my style ................

take care peeps ...........

If I don't post tomorrow it's because my computer has been reduced to a mass af mangled technology outside my window.

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