Thursday, 3 May 2012

I've Had Enough Now !


OK - it's gone past a joke now - the ***** rain !  I know we were supposed to need it but someone up there is having a 'larf.

My seedlings have been washed away and the young plants that were supposed to overwinter have drowned - RIP.  I don't have the motivation to sow them all again, I'll see if I can get some young plants from the boot sale, mind you, that will probably be rained off too !

Oh well, looks like rice it is then.

I'm going to stamp my foot !

take care peeps .........


  1. Sorry to hear this - but - a couple of weeks ago I got my 'prayer-mat' out and prayed for rain on my parched patch here in Bucks. I had no idea it would extend to Shropshire.. Sorry. :(
    Actually, don't give up - things do sometimes recover. :)

  2. hope it dry over the weekend, ian has to cut the huge lawn, before its up to his knees, and ofcourse on monday we have the six mile sponsored walk, im getting woried now......6 miles is a bloomin long way for oldies like us! x

  3. So you're to blame are you Bernard - well thank you very much !

    Hi, Ally, thanks for calling again, good luck with the walk I hope you dont get soaked. I will sponsor you, try out the 'contact me' form on this blog and let me know the details.
    Good luck to Ian as well.



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