Monday, 21 May 2012

Jubilee Year Specials


In this special Diamond Jubilee Year, I've made three one-off cat beds to celebrate !

As usual my CCCQC - (Chief Cat in Charge of Quality Control) leapt at the chance to test them out.  His undying devotion to his job is touching.

And as it is Her Majesty's special year, he gave them an extra check to make sure they conformed to his stringent requirements.

Brings a tear to the eye does it not ?

God Bless you Ma'am .........

I don't have much of this fabric left, just enough to make a small pet 'mat' which I'll start shortly after I've finished an order I'm working on.

These are heading on over to Etsy when they have passed the inspection.

take care peeps ..........

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