Friday, 4 May 2012

Like Marmite ..


You either love 'em or you hate 'em ........... Ads I mean.

I'm sure the eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed I've introduced ads on my blog.  I know they're not to everyones taste (like Marmite) and I know it's not a 'get rich' scheme, but when you are in a position where every penny counts, and I do mean every penny, then it can't be refused.

I quite like them (well I would woudn't I?) but seriously I've designed them so that they blend in with the colour scheme, are not too large and definately not 'in yer face' -  I think they are dignified.  It's a shame I can't click on them myself 'cos there's been one or two I definately would have if it was someone else's blog.

Anyway, please don't stop visiting if you don't like ads, you don't have to click on them.  Thank you peeps.


  1. Have just got round to reading your post on ageing.
    I am not coping very well with this horrible thing that has been thrust upon me.
    I hate it and wish I could turn back the clock.
    I'm 66 and up until recently looked good for my age but suddenly things are happening that I don't like. my skin is drying wrinkles are appearing where I don't want them and I am getting very tired.
    So......if you find a cure, let me know I'll be the first in line. LOL

  2. Someone once said to me that the only thing that stops ageing is death! but that's a bit extreme don't you think ?
    I agree with you, it does just seem to happen overnight, I'm 67 and until very recently no one believed I was a pensioner, my bus pass was scrutinised everytime I used it. Now I get referred to as 'dear' and I hate it !!
    I don't get tired, I still have energy, hopes and dreams, it's that blasted woman in the mirror that upsets me !!

  3. Ads are really just part of the blog world - plus everyone is trying to get by these days and every little bit helps! I use infolinks instead of adsense as adsense does not have great customer service (if you every have an issue there is no one to email or talk to)

  4. Actually I noticed that when I was setting it up, it's taken ages, and if there are any queries (of which there are many) you are just directed to a Q & A forum to searchout the answer for yourself ! This is my first try at anything like this, so I'll see how it goes.
    Thanks for your comment

  5. Your blog do what you like, I shall still read. Yep, my face is old and wrinkly and I don't like it one bit :o( so I try not to look at it :o)



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