Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Pray silence for ...... Lady Leah 1


Allow me to introduce Lady Leah 1.  (otherwise known as 'The Bimbo)

Isn't she beautiful ?

A tiny little lady with lovely colouring.  The vet says she has some 'Burman' in her not only because of the colouring but because when she looks at you her eyes flash from side to side (hence the nickname 'Bimbo') because it looks like there's nothing between the ears !  Apparantly this 'eye flashing' is inherant in Burmans.

As you can see, she has a problem relaxing - she couldn't even wait for me to put a cover on her heated pad on this day !

She is lucky to be here and I am very lucky to have her - about this time last year she virtually 'died' -  she had a massive heart attack out of the blue, she had no previous history of heart problems.  It was the scariest thing I've ever seen.

I got her into a box and to the vet in double quick time ignoring all the speed cameras - luckily I didn't get caught - it wouldn't have mattered anyway.  I had phoned the vet and they were waiting at the door and took her straight off me into a back room.  I was distraught.

What seemed like an eternity of waiting later the vet appeared and said to expect the worst, he didn't think she could be saved and I had to make a decision - OMG !

I went in and she was receiving oxygen, she looked at me, and there was 'something' in her eyes, just 'something' that was telling me she wasn't ready to go - so I told the vet to do everything that could be done and then some - she is almost 18 and the vet had doubts, but I insisted.

She stayed in the vet 'hospital' for 3/4 days receiving round the clock care, then she was put into a 'recovery' pen for another 4 days where she slowly regained her strength and started to eat again.  She had so many pills I'm sure she rattled, not to mention injections and intravenous treatment.

Here she is testing one of the Jubilee cat beds for me - CCCQC had just popped out !

She is now on 3 tablets a day for life, and an extra one on Mondays and Fridays - it's cost an arm and a leg - but it doesn't matter - I've two of each anyway !  and she is sooooooooo worth it.

take care peeps ...........


  1. It's awful when such dramatic things happen. We had our dog, Gemma, for 15 years from a 6 week old pup. She had a heart condition and needed medication every day which was not cheap. She eventually passed in her sleep. I still miss her after 5 years and would love another dog but I don't have the energy to look after one now x x x

  2. I had a similar thing with my Siamese, Merlin. He just kept getting more and more ill and spent almost a week in vet's hospital. Despite all of the tests they didn't know what was the matter. He had stopped eating and drinking. They drip fed him. At the 5th day they said they thought he might do better at home. I took him home and gave him some finely chopped chicken breast. He missed being home and then surprisingly, just kept improving.

    Your Lady Leah is beautiful.

  3. Pets are like kids. We save money in other areas to take care of the ones we love.

  4. What a lovely story. I can fully appreciate what your cat means to you as our three mean the world to us too. That is a very good age for a cat, she doesn't look her age :o)



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