Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Slug control


After the deluges we've had lately, it seems the entire slug population of Shropshire has made it's way into my garden.

Now I dislike them as much as the next person but can't help feeling sorry for the slimy little beggars, with the whole world trying to think of new and inventive ways to bump 'em off.  I mean, they're a bit of an easy target aren't they ?  it's not as if they can run off or anything.  I like to think I 'discourage' them.

Slug pellets not only cost a fortune but are not the most humane way of getting rid of these garden pests.  They die a slow death from poisoning.  They also represent a risk to dogs, cats and birds, and will kill your fish if any blow into your pond.  I also don't like the idea of having them in the garden where there are toddlers or small children around.  The bright blue colour is fascinating to youngsters.

This is my more 'thoughtful' and frugal way to get them out of my garden.


Save all your eggshells, and when you are using the oven, pop them in the bottom and leave to dry out thoroughly.  This is a lot I prepared earlier (when I cooked the lentil bake yesterday)

When cool, smash 'em up with the end of a rolling pin or anything you like really, then you can spread them around your seedbeds, borders and pots, the little sluggies don't like crawling over the sharp shells and beat a hasty retreat.

Whilst on the subject, don't put uncooked/dried eggshells on your garden or into the compost heap, they will encourage rats and other vermin.

What method do you use ?  humane traps, pellets, ducks, any other ?

take care peeps .......


  1. I use the egg shells and copper tape but I find beer is a good deterrant...at least they go with a smile on their faces....sorry. I read that if you have a compost heap place your slugs in there. They live a normal life, with all you can eat buffet and they seem to be happy to stay there x x

  2. Yes, I heard that one as well.
    Sometimes I will scoop them up with a trowel (can't do it with my bare hands) and take them outside, there's a green area with trees, and I deposit them there - they're probably just walking back in again each night !

  3. Salt shaker - in the soil around the edge of the pots. They used to crawl up my mothers steps and eat her flowers - I salted the steps and the only ones she has seen since are dried up dead ones :)

  4. the egg shells sound a good idea. i will try that thanks



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