Wednesday, 9 May 2012

So what is clutter ?


We're hearing a lot about de-cluttering lately, throwing out 'stuff', making space etc. etc.,

Now what do you call clutter ?  to me clutter is loads of dirty washing in the corner, weeks old newspapers around the place, coats 'hung up' on the sofa and floor, dirty washing up in the sink, empty bottles and cartons, actually I think that's more like compulsive hoarding.

Each to his own of course, but the current trend to throw out all personal belongings, even items with memories attached, is strange to me.   Minimalist seems to be the way to go.

This may seem like someone's idea of heaven, but to me it looks like a cross between a photo shoot and someone who can't afford any furniture.  Hardly welcoming or cosy, even the wooden floor screams 'cold'.

I can't imagine curling up for a cosy night in, in this room !

I feel decidedly uncomfortable when some highly made up and manicured 'expert' comes along and convinces some poor gullible folks that they will be much better people and much better thought of if they get rid of their precious nick-nacks and memories.  Perhaps more/better storage would be the answer.

Now that's much better !

Cosy, warm, inviting, this room screams 'Welcome, come on in and make yourself at home'
                               So, what is your furnishing style ? - cosy/homely or minimalist ? and why ?

take care peeps .............


  1. The second picture is my home and I love the loved in feeling. I need to feel my lovely items around me x x x x

  2. Your cosy room with lots of nice things looks lovely. However I don't need more storage, I need less stuff. I have so many things that I feel I can't breathe. I think it is each to their own, and as long as you are comfortable and the rest of the household are comfortable and healthy then it is up to you. And looking at a big pile of stuff that shouts 'unfinished project' at me just depresses me.

    I suppose it just depends on what makes you happy! WS xxx

  3. Those wooden floors make rooms very noisy, not only for those in them, but also for those next door!
    You can see some of my 'clutter' (if you really want to?) on YouTube. - or perhaps - not?

  4. Oh I like cosy much better! Minimal would crazy in our cottage but we could do with decluttering a bit.

    Sft x

  5. I think is when the things in your home take away from enjoyment of your life rather than add to it, or the quantity affects your health or affects your ability to do things that other people take for granted, like wash or cook or even find clean clothes (horror for me at the moment for a lot of reasons) then you need to get rid. The rest is just taste and fashion. And everyone's taste is different. When house hunting I once saw a house decorated entirely in yellows. I had a big headache by the end, I would have had to completely redecorate, but others would have loved it. WS xxx

  6. Well said! Minimal homes are uninteresting. Where would you put all your knitting wool, patterns, rugmaking kit, books, etc. etc.? I am actually going through some drawers and photo albums and weeding out some stuff but can't just systematically get rid of things just for the sake of....... why, if I ever want to do a job or something, I'd have to go out and buy some more. I got rid of some lovely cutlery today, well put it in the box to go too a lady who rescues cats, because I had another set which I was keeping for best. I've now got the best set to use everyday.

  7. hi wean, hope all is well with you, just catching up with you. my home isnt sparce but i also dont have any clutter around, i have special ornaments of sentimental value, and very nearly a place for everything and everything in its place, as my grandfather used to say....he lived on a ship so no room for clutter there. i throw out newspapers and old mail on a regular basis and the only room used as a dumping room for car boots sale stuff is the spare room. my partner tho is the opposite, he doesnt throw out anything, but he has a shed for that!!, i cant open the door as it all falls out.takecare.

  8. Thanks for your comments. I started to reply but it was a bit lengthy so I've entered another post on the subject.



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