Thursday, 10 May 2012

Storage and small space living


Thanks for your comments yesterday, I think most of us like the 'homely' feel, but it's difficult though to find a 'place for everything'  if you just don't have the space.

In my last home here :

storage wasn't a problem as you can imagine !  in fact the place was too darn big if I'm honest, I needed a map to get around inside ! but it has been a great experience living in a place like this, but I digress.

I've had to learn the art of 'small space living' through necessity.  Finding and using the smallest and most unlikely places and spaces to utilise.  Some can be quite innovative - like this table - it wasn't the cheapest and boy is it heavy ! but it is solid and will last forever, it takes up very little space and contains 6 huge drawers, 3 on each side, very deep and they meet in the middle no wasted space.  They contain tea towels, small kitchen implements, spare light bulbs, plastic storage boxes for the freezer and other bits and pieces.

I use the stairs too:

These basket are cute and useful albeit on the expensive side - so I tactfully 'request' them as presents !  I also stack books on the stair treads, I like the look, it looks as if someone intelligent lives here !!  I wouldn't do this though if there were small children here just in case they tripped.

I saw these two 'under stairs storage' ideas recently, probably not new, but they are to me and I love them.  If I owned my own house I would definately have to have one of these ideas. 

This is a modern take on the old 'under stairs' cupboard which consisted of just a small door, where everything would just be 'thrown' inside and created more of a mess than it alieviated.  These slide-out units are great aren't they ? just imagine how organised everything would be.

This is my favourite idea though :

I can just see all my knitting patterns, yarn and fabrics in those drawers ! and I could sit down whilst sorting through as well.  -  I have serious under stair storage envy !!

These are not sponsored posts by the way, just some great ideas I thought you'd like to see.

take care peeps .......


  1. Love the table, what a good idea. Always on the lookout for good storage ideas here. Have just found your blog and like you I grow veg. but just too wet to do anything outside right now (S.W UK). Looking forward to more interesting posts. Thanks.

  2. Hello QC and welcome.
    The table was from Ikea, it has matching chairs but I didn't want those as I already had some, it was the drawers that did it for me ! some tables like that have drawers only on one side and are only short, these are half the width of the table !
    Hope you come back soon,

  3. I, like you have a storage problem. There is just not enough room in this house. The bathrooms and toilets are separate so the last owners remodeled them by knocking walls down, removing the built in wardrobe in the bedroom next to the bathroom, so one place of storage gone. The kitchen must have been designed by a man because I don't have a single draw in the whole place. So my only storage is a little cupboard under the stairs x x x

  4. Oh HG - you have less storage space than me !
    There is a dry shed in my garden and I use that a lot to keep stuff that isn't used often, also I keep tinned food in boxes in there.
    Do you have any room for one of those plastic 'tower' thingies with drawers in ? perhaps stand it on the worktop ?

  5. I could do with some of those 'under-stair' cupboards.
    My granny used to keep all her 'war-time' rationing of sugar in a cupboard under the stairs. (Jam making) :)
    By the way - what's an 'Etsy' shop and a 'Folksy' shop?
    Just wonderin'?

  6. Hi Bernard,
    An Etsy 'shop' is an online shop for the sale of handmade/produced items i.e. crafts, and also vintage items that must be a minimum of 20 years old.
    Similar to Ebay but no bidding, and it works out cheaper because stuff can stay online for a long time for a small fee.
    Folksy is very similar, I'm not sure which one it is, but on one of them you can leave stuff on for sale indefinately.
    They have visitors/buyers who are specifically looking for hand made items.
    By the way, where do I find your 'clutter' on utube then ?

  7. Thanks for than info. I'll take a peek.
    I didn't link to it, as some bloggers do not like
    people 'advertising' on their sites, but as you asked-

  8. I love the storage ideas. I have a cupboard under the stairs but unfortunately my hot water tank is under the stairs so can't do anything about that.



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