Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Success !


I just sold my range cooker on Ebay - deep joy !  now I can pay some bills.  It's a great relief, not having enough money is a continual nightmare, it must be nice not to have to worry about it.

This is a stock photo of it.

Right next to it in the farmhouse kitchen was a cream coloured Aga, that had to be left there.  I have a much smaller cooker now, but I manage very well and still manage to produce the same stuff somehow, even though I'm walking around the kitchen sideways.

It's in the garage, and the buyer has got to come and do all the heavy work.  I have to move plants,troughs etc., so it will go out of the back gate.

take care peeps ..........


  1. That's great news, you must be thrilled!

    Sft x

  2. Yes, it's great news. I have lots more room in the garage now plus - I've completed the £50.00 challenge for May !

  3. Well done in getting a buyer for it and they will, no doubt, get lots of good use out of it. You can't swing a cat in my kitchen (not that I have a cat to swing LOL). It's surprising how we manage on restricted floor space to do what we do.

    Take care

    x x x x x

  4. I had it less than a year so it was in excellent condition, technically still under guarantee, but it was one of those set ups that engineers had to come and install it, so as soon as it was moved the guarantee was not effective.

    They seemed pleased though .......


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