Monday, 28 May 2012

Supermarket bargains


I got some great bargains in the fresh produce section this weekend.

Large bag casserole veggies down from £2.00 to 40p.  These will do for me for 4 meals - 10p per meal

Bag ready prepared veggies including carrots, brocolli, gourgettes, green beans, down from £1.50 to 30p
This bag will serve me 2/3 times - 10p-15p per meal

Tray of butternut squash (my favourite) and sweet potato for roasting - yum yum.  I was greedy and ate the lot yesterday - but I didn't have any potato's with it, just greens from the garden and a slice of my lentil bake
I save the foil dish as well to re-use for baking or possibly in the garden/cat food dish or lots of other uses.

Not bad eh ?

take care peeps ...........

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