Sunday, 13 May 2012

Water Meter - Save money ?


Now that the threatened drought is over and restrictions on hosepipes have been lifted, I was wondering which is cheaper anyway, to have a water meter or not ?

I can't speak from experience here, I've never had a meter but have often wondered if they do save money/water or not.  Living in the country there are no water rates to pay usually, they are covered by the local farms, so having an extra bill is taking some getting used to !

I'm very economical in my use of water anyway, I only use the washing machine twice a week and then it's on a quick/low temp wash.  Baths twice a week and never fill it up.  Wash up once a day, re-using 'grey' water for the garden, and lots of other little ways to conserve this precious resource.

My water rates are £196.00 paid in 2 x 6 monthly payments - is that expensive ? how does that compare with being 'on the meter' ?

I will be interested in hearing from you.

take care peeps.....


  1. We are on a metre and are careful with what we use. There are 2 of us and we pay £9 per month so that's £98 per year I think.

    I think it would be worth it if you lived in the South East. Other parts of the country charge more.

    Sft x

  2. I'm on a meter Wean. Have been since I gave up full time work nine years ago. Firstly, Thames Water said to me "If it's not cheaper, then you can go back to the old system of charging". Worth knowing. Nothing to lose. So I tried it. Single household. I saved hundreds of £. Over the last nine years my (12) payments have varied from £6 to £12 per month.
    You see most bills are based on 2.5 people per house, so if there is only one of you, you should be quids in pocket. You need to keep an eye on things like dripping taps and not wasting water, but I think most people do that anyway. I have installed (over the years) five water butts for rainwater. I hardly ever wash the car, and then only with bucket & sponge. Simple things save money. I won't go into flushing the loo - but? You can guess what I am getting at. I also saved money because my drains go into a ground 'soak-away' rather than into the waste water system. If you can prove this to the water board, they will give you an extra discount. Well mine did. All worth looking into. Another hint: when I run the 'hot tap', I run it into a jug. This waters house plants, fills the kettle and tops up the cats drinking water. Go for it!

  3. We have a water meter and mum says since we've had it our water bills have gone down by at least half to two-thirds, it was £110 for the last 6 months, I've heard if you have more bedrooms than people in your house then a water meter will save you money!

  4. If there are more bedrooms in your home than people living in it then it pays to have a water metre. I have been metred, by choice, for some years and have saved pounds. I firmly believe that if all households were metred there would not b e a water shortage.

  5. Hi Wean, The veggie patch bit is actually on YouTube but the blog post about it is here :-
    and my 'Water saving' blog post (+YouTube) is here:-

  6. Reading through my post again, I don't think I made it clear what I pay, its £392 a year i.e. 2 x £196 - NOT £196 in two installments. It's clear from your replies I'm paying very expensively for my water supply.
    Can't get on the meter - landlord - he say no !
    This place is going to bankrupt me I think.
    Must think of ways to make extra money !
    Bernard, I'll check out u-tube posts later, thank you for the links.

  7. Wean, you are paying too much for your water, (and your heating) my bills are miniscule compared to yours, having a meter was a good move for me. I think your landlord is ripping you off, he sounds like a nasty man. I think you need to look around for somewhere else to live.

  8. i think you should come and live with me, we can be frugal together, i get the big bedroom tho. your seven cats and my three, a german shepherd and fish, we could open as a small petting zoo, you could grow veggies in my huge lawn, and ians sheds could store all our car boot stuff ready for the next sale, sorted .

  9. OK then, of course you do realise that I shall need at least two polytunnels on that lawn of yours, 9 raised beds for veggies, two large compost heaps, and I'm afraid Ian will have to say goodbye to his shed 'cos I'll need somewhere for the chucks to go at night.
    That's all sorted then ? great, I'll go and start packing.

  10. errrr... i havnt sortov asked him yet..hold the packing x