Saturday, 12 May 2012

What do you do with your Savings ?


We all love a bargain and feel pretty smug when we managed to pick up reduced price items, but what do you do with the money you've saved - if anything ?

For instance, look at these bargains I recently bagged - two high quality loaves for 10p each.

They were  £1.05 and £1.25 originally, that's a saving of £2.10 !  not bad eh for two items.  This by the way is why I don't make my own bread, I love the smell of a home made loaf, but by the time I've bought ingredients and taken into account the electricity it would cost to cook them, not to mention the time involved, washing up in hot water etc. etc., it's just not worth it.

These two loaves will last me up to two weeks, I wrap 3/4 slices individually and put them in the freezer because I wouldn't use a whole loaf in a couple of days.

Anyway, would you just pat yourself on the back for getting a good deal and leave the 'savings' in your purse ?  this way it's difficult to know exactly what you have saved.  This is what I 'try' and do, I say 'try' because I can't always afford to.

Put the £2.10 saved into a jar, you wouldn't have had it anyway if you'd paid full price for the bread.  This way it builds up very nicely and by seeing exactly what you would have spent, I find it really pushes home the message of being frugal because you can see the 'rewards'.

take care peeps .......


  1. I never thought of that Wean, I tend to just leave the money in my purse. However, I do put copper and silver up to 20p into my savings jar, but at the moment it just sits there. I'll have to count how much I've got and find a really good use for it.

    Take care x x x

  2. I bought a 'Breadmaker' a while back from the local Hospice shop for a fiver. It makes super bread, but as you say, not as cheap, as 'reduced'. I tend to do the same as you when I can, but I am also concerned about a lot of these additives that are in 'ready made foods'. I don't like these E number things and avoid foods with too many. I once remember seeing ASDA fishcakes containing 26 ingredients! :o
    (my Mum's recipe -Fish & potato)
    ps Just put up a few pics of my veggie patch. :)

  3. I'm coming back for a second bit. :)
    I too used to wrap 3/4 slices, and then one day in wee bit of a hurry I froze the loaf whole. I later found that the slices didn't really stick that hard together and I was able to prise orf the two I needed without all the trouble of individual wrapping. (I use brown-multi-grain, so can't speak for the white.)

  4. I have a gluten problem so some foods are really expensive. I use an internet company called Approved Foods which sell items which have just passed or nearing their sell by date. I have used them for years and the prices are really cheap and the foods are great

  5. I don't put the money saved in a separate place, because I know the cheaper I can get food, the less times I have to go shopping, and the more money I have for my trips out. I watch my bank balance rise which gives me a buzz.

  6. Oh I would put the money in my sealed pot. Which I am opening in December, you are absolutely right you wouldn't have had that money otherwise. Looking forward to hearing what you do Wean.

    Sft x

  7. Hi and thank you all for your replies.
    Bernard - I lurve your music room ! that's not clutter, that's a very atmospheric hideaway ! I particularly love the clock - is it from an old station ?
    I can't locate the pics of your veg patch, which of your blogs is it on ?
    HG - I've looked at Approved Foods but the postage is a little high for what I would order, if I could find someone to 'share' with, I'd give them a go.
    I save my jar/s until Christmas time, then get them cashed in at the local supermarket, it's always a wonderful surprise, and goes towards presents for the grandchildren and re-stocking my cupboards for the new year.
    MQ - it's the same really I suppose, you leave your money in the bank to grow, I like to watch (and count!) mine !
    SFT - will you be telling how much is in your sealed pot ?

  8. I have a savings jar just like is growing quite nicely and I do get a buzz every time I put money in there. Great post.



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