Saturday, 9 June 2012

And then there were 3 !


There has been a new arrival WFW - obviously as a result of the union between Buster and Bertha - see;postID=341611787653282910

Here is Buttercup -

ah - isn't she sweet ?

no, I'm just being silly now, this is one of my 50p bargains from the boot sale this morning.

Also :

The other 50p bargain.  This book is great.  Up until now my slow cooking experiments have been limited to stew/casserole type dishes, with occasional rice pudding and yoghurt.  Bertha came via Freecycle and was intended to be used for desserts and cakes, but I have been unable to get any really good recipes so far.  Until I got this book this morning.

It's not only full of unusual and interesting recipes, but more interesting for me, has a very informative section on various techniques, i.e. using the slow cooker as a bain marie,  how and when to use racks, and what to substitute for them, there's lots more info too, for instance, it never occured to me to put the ceramic dish under the grill to 'brown' things like crumbles and bread and butter puddings.

Also, I'm pleased to know I can cook baked egg custards (this is where little Buttercup will come in handy) while Mom and Dad are handling the serious stuff.


There's also a very comprehensive section on vegetables and vegeterian dishes.

So if you see this book in a charity shop or boot sale, I'd recommend it to you.
(not getting paid for this!)

I love the whole concept of slow cooking, I like to prepare food early in the day when my energy levels are at their highest, knowing there is something tasty cooking away without any help from me.  Sometimes in the evening, I'm so tired, I just can't be bothered, especially these last few days.

There's been a power cut here for most of the afternoon, so I didn't get to cook or photograph the recipe I promised, hopefully tomorrow.

take care peeps .....


  1. Hi Wean,

    Just catching up on your posts.

    I wish you lots of luck with Etsy. I'm sure those beautiful cat beds will be really popular.

    Great advice about composting and washing up liquid too.

    Sorry to hear about your pets being poorly. I hope all is well soon.
    Thug the cat-what a character!

    We have reduction hunters like you in one of our local T*sco. Many of these people don't even need to save money!

    I like your reduced priced posts.

    Sft x

  2. Slow cooking is nothing new, is it Wean? Our great grandparents always had a pot on the side of the cooking range, didn't they?
    You are up on me now. :) I have two, but only because when I have an 'all-day' soup on the go, I may need another for the 'main course'. Did you know that if you like porridge in the morning, you can slo-cook it overnight?

  3. Hmm - thanks for that Bernard, I love porridge, and usually add some fresh fruit - I don't use sugar. I'll put some in tonight I think.
    Don't know if you checked B, but I left a reply for you re that lovely clip you sent about your beautiful cat and garden.

    1. Wean, the recipe for porridge is in the Tower Slo-cook book. Not much to it I guess. It says - add salt to taste, but I suppose these days that is not a good idea?
      I'm glad you took a peek at my wee tribute to Hazel. Now forgive me, but I cannot find your reply. I've looked on YT and my blog, but nothing has turned up. :(
      Not to worry, I expect I'm not looking in the right place.

  4. Hi SFT - thanks for dropping by.
    You like Thug ?
    He's in the market for a new home you know!

  5. Hi, Bernard, my fault, sorry for misleading you, reply is here :



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