Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Carpet hate ........


As the regulars here will know, I live in a rented house so don't want to/won't spend a lot of money on improving the place.  However, the hall, stairs and landing carpet is driving me mad i.e. I HATE IT !!

It's that horrible terracotta colour that was all the rage in the 80s/90s.  Take a look, but shield your eyes.

Ugh - I warned you !

Anyway, it's in the hall as well (ha ha, if you call a 2' square a hall!) and also on the landing (not much bigger)  It was also in the living room too, now there I did have to break my rules and buy a new carpet, I just couldn't live with it.

I did get a good deal from Carpet Right,  it's a nuetral colour, and was 50% off for a room sized piece so I bought it, but when I got to the till, there was a further reduction to my delight, making the total spend just over £30.00 for the whole room - now that's what I call frugal.

Anyway, I'm digressing, I still hate the stairs carpet but it's just gonna have to stay, so in order to 'bring it into line' - I'm currently making this :

It needs to be a bit bigger yet, (that is the new nuetral carpet underneath) and this is the fabric I'm using :

I would have preferred a green rug, but there would be too much colour 'going on'.

Also I've nearly finished this :

It's a giant sized hot pad to protect the table from hot dishes, plates etc.,
It's not for me, I don't bother with this sort of thing living alone, I eat off a tray in front of the TV !  This will go to Etsy or possibly offered on this site.

Never a dull moment .............

take care peeps ...........

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