Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Hit the Financial wall today ..........


It's a tough time financially right now, my lovely animal friends seem to be going through bad times with their health and it's hitting my pocket hard !  not that I begrudge it but it's hard to find it.

Carrotcat had 8 teeth out a couple of months ago, and the vet said he found something wrong with his liver function, so he was put on a two week course of anti-biotics, they didn't do the trick.

So this morning I had to take him back for a scan, he's still there now, the scan couldn't be done today for some reason or other, but will be done first thing tomorrow. Hopefully it will discover what is wrong.  Carrot has blood in his urine - worrying.

Rasputin/Thug developed gingivitus and also had to have two weeks treatment, he is bounding around now, he is fine, wrecking and generally being back to normal. - ( a pain in the proverbial !)

Chuck, my little rabbit looked so poorly yesterday that I really thought he was dying, it was holiday closing (naturally!) so I had to use the emergency vet service - ouch !
Anyway it turns out his teeth were terribly overgrown, he went in this morning as well to have some removed and some ground down, he is still there, he isn't eating, they are syringe feeding him.

So I hope tomorrow brings good news.

I just read that Meanqueen of Life After Money has lost her beloved cat, I feel so sad for her.  I know what it's like, I've lost too may pets/animals over the years as I ran a rescue centre once, each time one 'goes' a piece of your heart goes too, I don't think I have a heart left now, just a shell !

Please join me and send her your love ................ and her darling Lily cat.

thanks peeps ................


  1. Fingers crossed for good news:) I was so upset to hear about Ilona's cat. It is so heartbreaking losing a beloved pet. Wish I could send you a pot of gold to help with costs:) Linda

  2. Thank you - that's very kind.

  3. Wean I feel your financial pain! Cara has a long term skin allergy and we can't find anything that works for her except steroids, but since they are so bad for her system we keep trying other things... just last night it was another vet trip- she sulked with me all evening, wouldn't even purr! We let her sleep on our bed and I think she's forgiven me!

    Vets bills are such a bitch because you'd pay anything for your 'baby' but money isn't easy to come by...its frustrating... I hope your ones are all well on the mend now xx



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