Friday, 15 June 2012

Just Finished Reading ........


I've just finished reading this.

It's the story of Rosie McKinley (not her real name) - how she was born into and lived in the traveller community.  Her childhood was idyllic until everything around her came crashing down.

Her Father started a long-term affair, which all but finished her Mother, who never got over it.  The grief and shame turned her to alchoholism and depression.  Rosie and her sisters had the task of taking care of her.

A disasterous marriage led to her being beaten black and blue by a young alchoholic husband who came and went as he pleased.

She suffered several miscarriages and had multiple house-moves trying to find peace for herself and her family.

She overcame her illiteracy with hard work and study and went on to achieve greater things than those with 'conventional' education could ever do.

Happiness seemed to elude her however, until she met 'Terry'.

There was something about that 'face' on the front cover of this book that made me buy it.  She looks so happy (and so she was) but not knowing the pain and suffering that was to come.

It's written in a honest and open way, it's compelling reading, and gives insights into the travelling way of life.

Although I enjoyed it and only took two days to read it, it has left me with an overwhelming sadness at what happened to this happy looking little girl.

However, I can thoroughly recommend it. I've included an Amazon search box if you want to look for it.

take care peeps ..............

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  1. I can't read books like that for that very reason. They leave me feeling complete sad and overwhelmed with anxiety with regards to protecting my own children, and I keep wondering how many children grow up in unhappy home or women who are subjected to violent relationships. I get bad dreams when I read books that effect me like that. I think its because I'm using my imagination whilst I'm reading if that makes sense. I do like biographies mind you. Especially those of "ordinary" people ie non celebrities, who turn out to have lived rather extrodinary lives. I recommend Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer. An amazing true story.



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