Saturday, 2 June 2012

Long to Reign over us ................


Are you enjoying the Jubilee celebrations/preparations ?

You can't really escape it right now can you ?

I wouldn't describe myself as a 'Royalist' exactly, but just lately have found myself overcome with a rush of 'patriotism' - and why not !

We should be proud of our Royal Heritage, ok I know - the Royal Family cost us a fortune etc. etc., but come on folks - wave the flag for good old Blighty !

Too many people/countries jump on the band wagon these days to put us down, but we have a lot to be proud of.  If we weren't the greatest nation on earth, why are there so many people bustin' a gut to get here ? usually in the back of a truck or through the Channel Tunnel !

When it comes to Pomp and Ceremony, no one - but no one - does it like us Brits !!

Just look back at Coronations, Weddings, Funerals (sadly) etc., the eyes of the world are on us and we don't let them down.

I watched TV last night, and particularly enjoyed the programme featuring Prince Charles mostly about his childhood and upbringing, it was an eye  opener to say the least, I know they have unbelievable priveledges etc., but after all you wouldn't expect to see them in the queue at Tescos would you ?

I switched channels afterwards and started watching another Royal programme, but went to bed half way through because those damned commercial breaks ruined it for me.

I'll watch as much as I can - after all it will be a long time before it happens again, so come on peeps - be proud of being BRITISH !!

Unfortunately, the weather looks like it's going to be typically British too - rain and lots of it - so perhaps the heading for this post should be:   'Long to 'Rain' Over us'  ?

take care peeps ...........


  1. The world envies us our royalty and they bring thousands of tourists into the country each year. I watched part of Charlies program about Mama last night and it was lovely and so funny and not in the least bit stuffy. We have lovely young royalty now who are a credit to this country. Oh...and I'm not a royalist but I recognise that they do a good job representing this country of ours.

  2. I too am not really a Royalist as such but agree that our Royal Family do us proud. Yes they do cost a fortune, no doubt about that. What I really, really hate about the Royals is their love of hunting anything that moves! But that's just me, I don't like hunting of any kind or the killing of any animal, which is why I am a vegetarian. One day I will go vegan for sure. No parties or anything going on here but i would have put some bunting on the front of the house for sure if hubby wasn't repairing and painting it!

  3. I agree 100% SK ! I also hate all kinds of 'huntin/shootin/fishin' - I'm a long term veggie but like you not vegan yet, but I'm working on it.
    One of my country properties 'lay' across the local hunt land, and I had to go out for the day when it came through, I couldn't bear it.

  4. We're they allowed to hunt across your land? I know alot of landowners these days will not let them on their land and they have to go a different route. But as I am a townie I don't know the ins and outs of banning hunts from your land. One things certain, in my next life when I'm rich enough to live in the country, they won't be coming across my land! :0). Regarding vegan ism I have a real problem with dairy farming brewing in my head. The more I see and hear about dairy failing, the more wrong it seems. Free range organic milk seems to be the way to go, but even then theres always a bad penny somewhere!

  5. Why do people assume the Royal family cost us anything. They in fact make the country money. The Queen and Duke are the only members to get money from the Government and that is used to pay staff and provide hospitality to other heads of state etc. All the income from the crown lands go to the treasury. Some of the other senior royals get an income from the Queen from her own personal income not from the government. The Queen also pays taxes and rates.

  6. Thank Goodness, a lovely blog without pictures of the union flag or any royals. Not a royalist either and sick and tired of all this palava, people are still poor, sick and dying of dreadful diseases in badly managed hospitals. Good luck to the over priviledged royals but spare a thought for the hardworking miner, docker and nurses please.

  7. Not having a television, I don't know what all this fuss is about? What I do know is that my veggie patch perked up no end, with that lovely drop of rain. It's all 'swings and roundabouts' when it comes to the weather. Some are losers and others winners.
    With you all 100% about cruel 'sports' by the way.
    Just planted two rows of beetroot today. Hope it's not too late?

  8. According to the latest figures, the Royal family cost about 40 million pounds a year to maintain, this works out (apparantly) at approx 65p per head of population per year. I personally think it's great value for money and don't begrudge any of it.
    In spite of all their priveleges, I wouldn't have their lives for any amount of money.
    Buckingham Palace has over 800 staff alone - the costs for maintenance would be astounding.
    If you Google the subject, there's a staggering amoung of info out there.



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