Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Look what I found outside my house this morning !


I 'found' this !  it's just outside my front window.  There's no front garden as such here, it's just a huge tarmac area for about 6 cars - just what I need !
Then the grassy corner, the road that you see is quite busy, but is hidden by the trees and hedging, so is quite private.  The people on the other side of the road can't see what I'm up to either - only in winter of course when the leaves have gone.

Anyway the 'men with truck' are resurfacing the footpath, don't know why, it was alright in the first place, but I guess it all makes work for the working man to do.  You can see by the proximity of the road why I don't let my cats out, they have no roadsense at all, they are just used to the odd passing tractor, and would just sit in the middle of the road waiting to be run over I'm sure !

They have access to the 'cattery' through the catflap from the conservatory.  The run is seen just sticking out from the conservatory, it goes back the entire length of it and some of the house too, about 20' in all and about 12' wide.

Here it is, you can see the rear end of Sopicat in there !  I put a couple of garden chairs in there for them too, and at the other end there are logs and branches for them to scratch on and climb up.

I don't like having to do this, but I have no choice, I know they wouldn't last 5 minutes if they were allowed to roam freely.

There are always new 'notices' going up on the lamposts and bus stops here about lost and missing cats, it's so sad, I don't want mine to be one of those statistics.  (mind you, I think half the missing ones end up with me anyway)  Here's another shot.

This is taken from the back, just look how the clematis and honeysuckle have grown over it, not to mention the nettles !  I pull it all off in the winter because it would just block out all the light in there, at the moment it serves a purpose by providing the cats with shade.  This is where the bunny lived too.  You can see his hutch, he was 'loose' all day, just being put in and covered up at night.
I'm hoping the rain holds off this afternoon and I can get some serious weeding done.

I like a 'green' garden with just some  pastel colours but mostly white, here's another couple of shots.  The white 'flowers' are ornamental grasses. I like those.


This is my 'outdoor eating area' not used much this year of course because of the weather.

This is the garden bench looking all rustic and cottagey

But just look at the poor raised beds - completely rained off.  I may be able to get some winter greens in yet

However the raspberries have gone completely mad, I won't be short of soft fruit this year.


Well hope you've enjoyed the tour of Wean s World, all this came about because I wanted to show you the truck outside !
be back later,

take care peeps ............

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  1. I adore that bench and the whole garden,thanks



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