Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Meals from leftovers ............


I've come back in from the garden for a rest, so thought I'd put up the days cooking/recipes for you.

Today I've not bought anything for these ideas, just used what is in the fridge and the veggie basket.

This is one of my all time 'base' recipes, make a batch of this and you have the basis for so many meals and snacks, I'll give some suggestions at the end of this post.


As you know I don't give exact measurements or weights, just throw in what you think is right !

So, I'm making basic onion/celery/mushroom and tomato salsa.

Here are the basic ingredients :

A few leftover onions
About a third of leftover celery head
A few dodgy mushrooms
A bowl of cherry tomatos just starting to go soft (bought at boot sale at the weekend for £1)
Some dried herbs
Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar

Chop up celery and onions and fry in olive oil - you may need to add more oil as these veggies soak it up

I always fry the celery for 5 mins first before adding the onions, it takes a little longer to soften
Add dried herbs at this point and a glug of balsamic vinegar to taste for a little 'zing'l

When the mix is about half cooked, take away two thirds and put it in a basin.  Make sure you pour in some oil as well.

Add the tomato's to the mix in the pan, some fresh basil would be nice here if you have any.  You will see I have only sliced the tomato's in half, they're cherry type, so that's enough.

Cook it down, make sure it doesn't stick to the bottom of the pan, stir and 'scrape' once or twice. (Enjoy the smell) !!

It should look something like this (above).  Pour into a basin and leave to cool.  Then wipe out the pan with some kitchen paper, don't wash it, you'll be washing away al the lovely flavours in the pan.  The only reason I wipe it out is to take away the 'red' colour from the tomato's for the next stage.

Pour a little of the oil reserved in the previous onion/celery mix,

Now this is not easy to photograph - you need two hands to do this and one to operate the camera, but as I don't have three hands, I've done my best.  Add the mushrooms and cook until soft but not brown.

Don't forget another glug of Balsamic vinegar.

This is stage two of the salsa celebration !

Drain off the oil - 'do not' throw it away !

So now you have a bowl of tomato salsa, a bowl of mushroom salsa and some beautiful flavoured oil !

At this point I feel like saying 'tune in tomorrow same time same place for the next instalment'  !!

The possibilities for using these salsas are endless.

Use as a base for vegetarian shepherds pie with grated cheese added
Add to cooked pasta for a delicous pasta bake (sprinkle extra cheese on top to brown in the oven)
Use as a topping for baked potato's
Top omellete's with these salsa's plus cheese for extra protein
etc. etc. etc.

Now, here is one I made earlier !

Make some pastry - you don't need me to tell you how to do that or to photograph it right ?  but as I'm always banging on about extra protein, when you make your pastry, add some oats, powdered nuts, sesame seeds and/or dried skimmed milk powder.

Roll out and cut into 'rounds' 

I've used a ring mould thingy because it was bought as a pressie for me, I would never buy one myself, have you seen the prices ??   eeeekkk !  I would use a mug, saucer, jar or something similar, but as I have one of these things,  I thought I'd show off.

So now an extra ingredient which will tranform this recipe to the sublime. ! CHEESE !!!

So pile in as much filling as you can, add lovely cheese, you'll see I don't bother to grate it for this recipe, it's going to melt over the filling anyway, so why bother ?  the grater is a ****** to wash anyway. I'm dribbling and slobbering over the computer as I write 'cos they're cooking right now and the smell is tormenting me !  these tasty little treats are just lovely !

Cover each 'round' with pastry,  I use just milk to glaze, I don't think by glazing with egg you are adding that much protein, so why waste an egg ?  I always get the same results from using just milk  i.e. nice and brown.

Finished result :

My lunch:

Served here with a little green salad, tomato's and home made apple chutney from last year.

And don't forget the tomato salsa we made -

I froze 4 portions, both these salsas freeze well, and have two jars in the fridge.  I don't have to worry about them going 'off' they won't last that long !!
take care peeps...........

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  1. Oohh...I'm salivating! I wish I had read your post earlier...my odds and ends of veg have just gone into a ratatouille type thingy...which I'm now going to add a glug of balsamic to...good suggestion:-) Bon Appetit!



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