Sunday, 10 June 2012

Overheard at the Boot Sale ....


At the car boot sale yesterday I heard this :

Buyer: (looking through a large box of DVD's and games) - 'so what are they about mate ?'

Seller: 'These are great (mate) full of killing people and stuff, just what we want these days, no soft stuff here' (mate)

Is it me ??

I'm off to cook the vegeterian meal now the elecricity is back on, have some pics for you later.

take care peeps ......


  1. it's terrible that people are encouraged to buy DVD's that make people think that life is so cheap. Unlike DVD's and games, people can't be resurrected and made to live through it all again. When you're dead, you're dead!!!!! but people don't, won't or can't understand that. Life is meaningless with murder, sex crimes and human trafficking on the increase. We need a criminal system and punishment that takes the victim into account instead of the rehab of murderers, drug addicts, illegal imegrants and granny bashers. Rant over. Take care x x x x x

  2. Good grief...I once did a car boot sale and you wouldn't believe what a man said to me whilst rummaging through some old vhs tapes. I won't tell you but it was vile. Horrible man.

  3. Unbelievable sorry I meant believable.

    Sft x



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