Thursday, 21 June 2012

Self publishing ........


Did you enjoy the summer ?  that was yesterday without rain by the way in case you were wondering when it happened.

So with all this enforced 'staying in' I'm turning my thoughts to writing and self-publishing.  If I can fit it in with cooking, crafting, rag rug making, blogging, and of course wet weather gardening - should be a doddle.

I have several 'how to's' I would like to commit to paper, plus tales from my life, how and why I did what I did, were my decisions the right ones, did they work and where I am now.

I would like to pass on my experiences and mistakes to others.

I don't have to worry about content too much, that will come naturally, I have never self published before however, and am at the moment attacking the mountainous piles of information out there about this subject.

Times have changed and the downloadable ebook now seems to be giving way to the Kindle, about which I know nothing, so another learning curve beckons.  Personally I prefer a 'proper' book any day, I love the look feel and smell of the printed word.  You can't curl up on the sofa with a Kindle can you ?  well I suppose you can but it's just not the same, but things change, it's called progress, and you have to move with it or get left behind.

So now I've committed my thoughts to this blog, I 'have' to get on with it or risk being branded a failure !

take care peeps ...............


  1. A friend of mine self-published a book on Amazon. You can download the book to kindle or you can order a hard copy like I did. She said it was time consuming to self publish but worth it. If I was ever to self publish I would likely go that way. Her book is Happier Than A Billionaire.

    She is one of the top self-published books on Amazon (she tried to get traditionally published but no one wanted to then, now they have changed their mind as she was featured on CNN)

  2. Wean, you asked what a tater baker is, its a bag you can cook 4 medium potato's in using the micro wave. If you do a search on my blog you should find a picture of one.

    You scrub, but DO NOT PRICK the spuds, wrap them in damp tissue and cook in the micro, its as well noty to leave then micro whilst its cooking. One the spuds are cooked, take the spuds out and break open with a fork, do not cut them with a knife, the inside of the potato is very fluffy. You just leave the bag to dry and reuse.

  3. I noticed that they do self publishing on paper on Amazon as well. I have stuck with Kindle! For publishing on kindle there is absolutely no up front fee at all if you do not buy an ISBN number.

    I have had a look at as well, they do some special offers now and again. Self publishing on paper has always looked beyond my means.

    But I think you should go for it! Would you consider publishing on kindle first before trying paper, to see if it gets any hits? And if you get it all down and laid out - do try agents/publishers. It sounds like something that has a built in market, and is sure to be worth a go! Good luck! WS

  4. Right now, nearly 8.00p.m. I think the house is going to blow away.
    The wind is terrible and the garden is once again getting a battering.
    What's going on, never known such a horrible summer.


  5. are the only person (apart from my son Ethan and myself) that I've heard refer to the smell of a book...we can be found sniffing in 2nd hand book shops LOL.

  6. "...attacking the mountainous piles.."
    That is exactly the problem I am having. I have heaps of old photographs and piles of old stories and tales, but it is getting them into the right order that takes the time. I don't know the answer. I just do my best.
    Oh! By the way. Stick with cash Wean. What did I say?
    Todays Daily Mail.
    "NatWest banking meltdown: Millions of customers unable to move money or pay bills as accounts freeze and wage payments fail to arrive
    Experts warn more problems ahead for all UK banks in rush to offer new sophisticated payment methods
    Thousands more comments were posted on Twitter.
    Some people reported being unable to use their cards to make payments."



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