Saturday, 16 June 2012

Shall I start building now ?

An Ark that is .............


We're gonna need one bleep bleep soon !  I have my instructions :

Aren't you just sick and tired of this bleep bleep rain ?  Can't get any bleep bleep gardening done, all my bleep bleep vegetables have been rained off for the bleep bleep third time !  I'll have no bleep bleep greens this year.  Even the bleep bleep shrubs are giving up the ghost 'cos they're rotting at the bleep bleep roots !

The only things that are thriving apart from the raspberries, are bleep bleep weeds and the bleep bleep grass which is now coming up to bleeping 13" high !!

I wish to complain to the highest bleeping authority about this, someone 'up there' is having a bleeping 'larf at our expense !!

take care peeps ........


  1. I know the feeling, this rain is getting me down, but there seems to be an end to it soon here in the North West. I read somewhere that our summer will happen in September this year. X

  2. :) sunshine wishes sent out to you

  3. Thought you might like this?
    Not only is this a tale about a cat -
    but its name is 'Peeps'.

  4. ah - thank you for that Bernard - that is so sweet !



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